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Top 3 reasons to participate in this exceptional Partner Yoga training:

    Your 400-page manual and 200-page Marma Point Reference guides include beautifully photographed and illustrated, full-color pages, which will open a whole new world of yoga to your fingertips! Our materials help you come full-circle in your yoga practice and mind-body well-being, as you learn over 70 inspired Hands-on-Adjusting techniques, as well as:

    – Three Branches of  Partner Yoga
    – Art & Benefit of doing Yoga Asana as part of Hands-on Adjusting
    – “Synergy Healing” power in partner yoga poses
    – Four-Tiers of a Private Partner Yoga Session
    – Body-Mind anatomy of a Yoga Posture
    – Teaching Marma Point and 10-Sense Energy Lines in Yoga poses
    – 10-Phases of Partner Yoga
    – Leading guided partner yoga workshops
    – Templates for private yoga sessions & workshops
    Whether you are doing the 3-month sessions, one weekend at a time or you immerse yourself in 10-days of BLISS, this training is an experiential, in-person treat.

    Our time is spent in an in-depth hands-on practice during the day and philosophy in the reflective evening hours.  We learn, share and practice together, a modality that advances you beyond the traditional yoga teacher mind-set, into a well-rounded and masterful healer.  

    You learn with your mind, while FEELING with your body, just how beneficial this synergistic aspect of partner yoga can be. 

    During 2016 online sessions continue to be loaded up, which serve as on-going support.  As you begin practicing Partner Yoga from home, you will have Yoga access to streaming classes covering:

    – Teaching & practicing Ayruvedic Marma-Point Therapy in your yoga
    – Marma-Point Hands-on Adjustments for Yoga Poses
    – Private Partner Yoga Class Marma-Point Sequencing
    – Teaching & practicing 10-Sense Energy Line Therapy in your yoga
    – 10-Sense Energy Line Hands-on Adjustments for Yoga Poses
    – Private Partner Yoga Class Ten-Senses Energy Line Sequencing
    – Creating Partner Yoga Workshops for:  Valentine’s Day,
    Injury-recovery, cancer-illness management-recovery & many more.


The context for our Partner Yoga poses, branches from Ayurveda (the mind-body wellness system of yoga).  Once you understand BOTH the primary and subtle doshas (biological temperament) of your student-clients, everything else in your yoga teaching will make more sense.  You’ll both, teacher and student, feel the transformative difference in this inspired way to learn the Anatomy of Yoga…body, mind and soul!

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder