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Advance your yoga teacher skills to the yoga therapist level.   If you are a massage therapist, learn skills that will in-crease your energy and the life-span of your ability to do bodywork, or maybe, just do it for you and your family.  Either way, you’ll enjoy three transformative sessions:

    Marma Points are places on the body, where your partner yoga synergy takes students deeper in their yoga poses than otherwise possible, while strengthening you in your yoga and releasing tension in both your bodies.

    Learn 10 different techniques for activating 80 different marma-points and over 70 individual partner yoga hands-on adjustment techniques.  In addition, you’ll learn how to lace them together in a 1-hour private partner yoga class, as well as how your can’t teach your students yoga asana, using Marma Point guided sequences.
    Learn 10-Senses Energy Line Technique, in-depth anatomy of yoga poses and gain increased awareness of where the energy should flow, to advance into profound well-being.  Bodhi Yoga Teacher graduate enrollees, who are also licensed massage therapists, will be able to integrate a unique art form into their bodywork clientele’s experience.  

    The 10-Sense Energy Lines are based on ancient philosophies that include 10 channels (or “Nadis”), through which energy flows Prana (life-force) through in between Ayurvedic Marma Points.  The 10-Sense Energy Lines create the ability to reach an alignment in yoga poses, beyond what’s possible in regular yoga teaching and practice.  In addition, you’ll learn how to teach students to work their own lines in group yoga settings, as well as, lace them together in a 1-hour private partner yoga class.

     You’ll learn to combine all the individual hands-on adjustments into a 90-minute sequenced private partner yoga class-session, as well as offer inspired Partner Yoga workshops to groups. 

    You’ll learn to expand your teaching beyond traditional yoga-teacher box, into an entirely unique and inspired practice.  

    Discover the hidden dynamic in offering successful guided Partner Yoga workshops, helping students progress in their yoga practice, break free from routine approaches to yoga asanas and awaken the best aspects of their practice!  


“Sparsha”, the Sanskrit word for touch; a means of passing wisdom from teacher to student. To touch and feel “touched” by a teacher’s wisdom (inherent in the knowledge they themselves have gained, through this training), is one of the most powerful aspects of yoga. I love helping Bodhi Yoga™yoga teachers and massage therapists advance in their practice… Call me “Sparsha-ed”!

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder