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Top 3 reasons to participate in this Unique Partner Yoga training:

    When I began offering private  Partner Yoga Session-Classes to my clientele, I was managing a local bank full-time.  I began doing these private classes on my lunch hour for $80/90-min.  Soon I was booked out for a month.  

    Doing this work (along with my yoga teaching) made it possible for me to make a living exclusively as a yoga teacher.   Within a year I was doing two private Partner Yoga session-classes a day, 4-days a week, for a monthly income of between $2,800 to $3600-per month.  So essentially, I brought in income, EVERY MONTH, nearly double what I paid for in the tuition-cost of this training.
    When teaching yoga to groups, the skill of offering a partner-yoga repertoire, gives you the natural ability to build a private clientele.  You’ll learn how to “read” your student’s bodies and assist them in feeling the benefits of yoga, beyond what is possible in a traditional yoga class setting.

    You will gain additional skills that set you apart; offering a course of private yoga sessions, specific to your student’s dosha (biological temperament), with beneficial effects for both of you, beyond what could ever be achieved in a yoga class.  When your student returns to their own yoga, in class or at home, they will have gained a deeper understanding of the energy, alignment and benefit available in their yoga poses.

    In essence, you gain a niche’ into something far above what’s widely available.

    Offering workshops is a perfect way to increase awareness in your community of what sets you apart as a Bodhi Yoga Teacher with advanced training.  Often, people who would be too inhibited to committing themselves to yoga classes, will try a workshop.

    Learning to work with groups is it’s own branch of yoga.  A workshop setting is very different than a group class.  You’ll set your self apart as you learn how to prepare, market and complete life-changing partner yoga experiences, that range from partner-spouse relationships, to yoga for illness-chronic-pain-recovery, to team-building dynamics and much more.


“Satcitānanda”, the yoga word for “The Knowing Awareness of BLISS”; a means of knowing what a good thing is, while you have it.  Your student-clients will awaken to what a gift practicing yoga with YOU is.  They will ‘get-it’, feel-it and create a life-long relationship of feeling good, through this special Partner Yoga gift you offer!

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder