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10 Talents of Abundance: 10-Minute Meditations

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This special 10-minute meditation reference library is included:

These videos are in production now and will be loaded up by June 15th 2018!

Take just 10-minutes a day to meditate with Syl

Syl takes you though basic breathing to open body-mind awareness and help meditation feel more comfortable.

STRESS REDUCTION EYE MOVEMENT: Syl guides you through eye-movements to help you drop deeper into meditation easier.

MEDITATION BREATHING FOR ANXIETY: Syl guides you through basic breath exercise and meditation for anxiety.

MEDITATION BREATHING FOR DEPRESSION: Syl guide you through basic breath, exercise and meditation for depression.

LABYRINTH TRACING MEDITATION:Syl leads you on a meditation using labyrinth tracing to deepen and center your practice.

WALKING LABYRINTH MEDITATION: Syl leads you on the path of the labyrinth, as a way to understand the stages of a moving meditation.

MANTRA MEDITATION: Syl teaches you use the ancient practice of mantra meditation using several supportive tools.

LIGHT-COLOR CHAKRA THERAPY MEDITATION: A visual treat, with theta healing back ground music to align your chakras and open your manifesting current.

Busy life? Each Class above lasts between just 6-35 Minutes!

This special 3-class Meditation workshop is for anyone who would like to live
more mindfully and aligned with their potential for an abundant life!

Regardless of whether you think you know how to meditate, or feel you just can’t make
it work for you, you will  love the 10-Talents of Abundance 3-part Meditation Retreat,
Syl offers an this in-depth meditation training just for you to enjoy at
your own pace and in the comfort of your home, work or play.