Bodhi Yoga™ Seven for Seven

Bodhi Yoga™ Seven for Seven

45 min

Round bolster
Flat bolster
Backjack chair


This class focuses on seven Bodhi Yoga™ poses/practices that you can do every day for seven days.
Studies show there are benefits to a short yoga practice every day in addition to a regular longer yoga practice twice a week. A short yoga practice every day is better than one big long practice per week. That’s great news for our typical busy lifestyles!

Here are seven poses/practices you can do either in one practice or at intervals throughout your day. Whether you just take a moment to give the marma points on your feet a rub while watching television, reading a book, or standing in the kitchen; or you take a moment to do the quick “Great Stress Buster” meditation after a phone call or conversation, you can pick and choose from this practice things to help you through your day and week.

For a great immunity-boosting series, do the whole video every day for seven days in a row. The results will be miraculous for your Bodhi.

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