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On the cusp of a brand new world

Channelled Chakra Information
Do it for clients and students, or simply for yourself

You are on the cusp of a rapidly changing culture that has only begun to value yoga and energy healers.  In our lifetime we will see the demand for enlightened teachers and healers increase, as society sheds the old patterns of behavior and ways of thinking.

By investing in gobodhiyoga.com’s 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ online certification, you will set yourself apart from the crowd with a uniquely powerful and deep understanding of the history, yogic origin, and applicable potential of the 7 chakras.  You will enjoy real tools and abilities that will evolve your yoga teaching, massage therapy, and energy healing practice into something profoundly special.

You will be qualified to offer private Chakra Therapy Session with students and clients, who will realize for themselves the healing and transformative power of their 7 Chakras Mind & Body™.


“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended and I’ve attended probably more than my share. Days later, I feel totally invigorated.

Karen Thomas, Sandy Utah