7 Chakras Mind & Body with Syl Carson Free Peek

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.53.47 PMHere’s a quick peek into working with the insight of your intuition put into action in the practical everyday world that we all share. BUY YOUR OWN CHAKRA DECK™ HERE Note for full-program Chakra Therapy Certification Candidates:  You may use this video for personal use and you have copyright permission use with condition that your clients view during Chakra Therapy sessions with you facilitating on your device, in your presence: In addition, this program covers the male-female, yin-yang of the power chakra in relationships and in the way we interact with each other.  Four Chakra Therapies for each of the holographic centers, within your personal empowerment and control issues.  TAKE A PEEK AT ALL THE LIGHT-COLOR THERAPY VIDEOS AVAILABLE IN THIS PROGRAM HERE ENROLL IN THIS CHAKRA THERAPY PROGRAM HERE Our online yoga videos will work on your computer, ipad or tablet, or even your smartphone (we suggest iPad or larger for the best viewing experience). If you have questions or need technical support, click here to submit a help ticket.