7 Chakras Session One – Class I: Where Your Spirals Meet

EXCLUSIVELY FOR ENROLLEES IN BODHI YOGA’S ONLINE CHAKRA THERAPY CERTIFICATION online-yoga-certification-chakras-intro 34-min online Chakra Therapy class.  You will gain A whole NEW understanding and perspective on what your chakras actually are, as Syl teaches how you’re chakras are working in this new time on earth, and how to increase in your life’s potential with this chakra knowledge. Syl recommends pre-reading pages 1-27 in your 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ Chakra Therapy Manual, as well as following along as you view this class. Our online yoga videos will work on your computer, ipad or tablet, or even your smartphone (we suggest iPad or larger for the best viewing experience). If you have questions or need technical support, click here to submit a help ticket.