Yogi Syl: Bodhi Yoga™ Founding-Director

Syl Carson is an internationally recognized teacher, healer and poet, who founded Bodhi Yoga in 1998, when she was invited to share her personal yoga practice with several residents of then Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort.  Shortly following, she opened the first yoga center in Utah Valley, located 45-miles south of Salt lake City.

Syl opened the very first yoga studio in Utah Valley just as she was preparing to leave her 18-year career in the financial industry, where she authored many training programs and served on advisory boards to the Utah State Office of Education writing the first financial literacy program, now required for high-school graduation state-wide.

Syl translated her innate “how-to” knowhow and optimism, along with her natural business acumen into the healing practice of Bodhi Yoga™ that had helped her overcome health challenges and heal childhood trauma.  It began with just two classes weekly, where she authored a year-long study, the  Bodhi Yoga Class Series, that eventually became the very first yoga teacher training offered in Utah.

Syl’s style of teaching is inspired to help her students tap into a fuller measure of their own potential in this wonderful practice of yoking body, mind, and spirit to work in the best way possible, and begin to inhabit that awakening into every aspect of their lives from a place of Steady Joy.

She has taught classes of 250 students at once, as well a one-on-one and small groups, either way, lives are changed by learning from her 30 years of expertise and her love for yoga, as she continues to mentor and inspire yoga students and teachers across the globe every day.

Syl has been referred to as “The Guru’s Guru”. In truth, she is simply experienced at helping other’s bring to the surface their own inner wisdom and realized potential in a very unique and profoundly life-giving way.

Syl cares deeply about the reputation of yoga and the healer’s arts. Her life’s dharma is helping others not only realize the potential of their gifts, but legitimize the quality of their work through accreditation, that raises the standing and reputation 
of all healers everywhere.

Why it is important who you choose to study yoga with: