Syl is inviting you to this very special public Soul Weather™ online event. No problem if you can’t attend live. We’ll record it for you to watch at your convenience any time through spring of 2023.
Near or far, join us for this very special Bodhi Yoga Soul Weather™ workshop. 

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Strengthening Your Inner-Child
Saturday January 21st & February 4th, 1-3pm MDT
Zoom Online, Live and Recorded

A Special Celestial Window for Inner-Child Work

Did you know the holidays and year’s end can be a tender time for many people?  The holiday hustle can bring up a lot of both good and bad stress.

Anticipatory Stress:

Anticipatory stress, called excitement, gives us extra energy and motivation to make the season bright. Over time this motivated state can accumulate and make us push in ways that make it hard to recognize when we are reaching or past exhaustion.  For the child within who had this type of energy chronically imprinted at a young age it manifests as hyper-vigilance and actually interrupt the ability to find daily enjoyment.

Nostalgic Stress:  

The holidays and year’s end are also naturally fraught for many with something that I call nostalgic stress.  Sometimes this can come from observing annual traditions with or without loved ones. Nostalgic Stress could also be called generational stress, that can surface when we gather/deal with siblings as adults, give palliative care to elderly parents, join in on family reunions, or even the occasional Sunday dinner. Often we don’t recognize some of the depth of these undercurrents until they begin to interrupt everyday functioning in both short, or long term.  

Inner-child stress:

This is a special kind of stress that can surface during the holidays, as well as during cyclical seasons of planetary weather.  Inner-child stress can stem from both unmet needs in childhood, adult situations that trigger feelings of overwhelm and energy that was stored in the body as a person grew, without realizing it, and processing it normally. 

2023 will be a very special year, particularly between January and July, for addressing all three of the above stressors, as these themes will be reflected in so potent planetary energy!

I have practiced and taught yoga while also working in astrology for 30 years, where inner-child trauma informed life-coaching has become a skill that is one of the center-points of my work. I have nearly three decades of experience and practice the power of addressing the inner-child.

During these very special zoom classes, I will teach you how to move through this energy between now and this coming spring 2023 Eclipse cycle well, as you learn to recognize the voice of your inner-child and strengthen parts of yourself that have been calling out to you for attention and care. 

This is sacred work we will do together, in the context of Bodhi Yoga™ and Soul Weather™ astrology as we learn practical and potent ways to harness this celestial weather that was originally set in its orbit for our benefit

If you are too busy to join live, that’s okay. You can watch the recordings at your convenience between filming and March of 2023. The tools you learn in this valuable workshop will last a lifetime.

Learn more about this extraordinary teacher, Syl Carson.

Workshop Bonuses

Five Koshas Meditation

Workshop participants will have access to Syl’s Five Koshas Integrative Meditation online class. This is another tool to help you stay focused and moving forward during times of intense energy. You will be able to use these methods learned to help you throughout your life.

What is your "Inner-child" and why do they matter?

There is untapped empowerment and limitless potential when we hear and answer the call 

of the child within each of us.