Soul Weather™ Astrology Session 3 - Planetary Cycles & Returns

Learning how to follow your Soul Weather Astrology Planetary Cycles and Returns

Session 3 Follow-up:

If you are wanting to become SWA Certified: Complete viewing all of the classes above, notating and clarifying any questions in your certification packet PDF (downloadable from our Private Soul Weather Astrology Facebook page).

Once the Session Three requirements are completed and you have a basic understanding you are qualified to begin practicing readings for friends, family or clients doing simple interpretations, with introductory aspect and aspect pattern interpretations.

It takes having a GOOD GRASP on all planets, signs, houses, aspects, and planetary cycles before you begin interpreting planetary return charts appropriately.  

Remember:  The planets, signs and houses feel incredibly validating, the aspects and 
aspect patterns show you how help your clients know WHAT TO DO with the natal map they originally came to work with, which will take you into the life-coaching aspect of interpreting, as well as the intuitive aspect of astrology and this is where many can venture off track and do more harm than good.  Returns take all of the above expertise to an even more advanced level that takes emotional maturity on your part!

Make sure you are settled and qualified, that you fully understand where you would need/be required to have state licensure  to give counsel vs. simple life coaching.  WE COVER THIS IN CLASSES ABOVE!

I suggest offering initial sessions at a discounted rate while certifying (letting them know that once certified, your sessions rates will increase).  You may want to tier your compensation/rates accordingly, because these sessions will take more time.

REMEMBER:  Take any questions that arise to our private Facebook Soul Weather™ Group and we will help you feel supported in your studies as you grow in your skills!