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If you would like support in dealing with the large shadows that seem to overcast day by day, I would invite you to join this special class, where we will be given tools to help manage the coming months from a place of AWAKENED AWARENESS and LIGHT.

The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased.

Alexander Hamilton

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What’s up with a PLUTO RETURN?

Believe it or not, we live by planetary cycles.

Do you celebrate your birthday? Our birthdays are clocked by the movement of the sun making one full revolution around the sky.
Each year, I can pull a chart for your “solar return” and map out the energy of the coming year, that you move through, using your agency.

Here’s another question:
Do you leave home and embark out on your own at round 18 years old?

Did you know every 18 years our life path, called the “nodal path”, returns to the degree and minute of the sign it was on the day you were born?

Did you know the “responsibility” milestones of when you turn 30, 60, and 90 years old coincide with the return of Saturn to the degree and minute of the place it was at at the moment you were born? Yes, it does.

Did you know that the so-called midlife crisis occurs around your “half Uranus return? Uranus takes 84 years to come full circle to the place it was at at the moment you were born? So around 42 years old, most people experience something called their “midlife crisis”. (My half Uranus return coincided with breast cancer diagnosis.)

Planetary cycles, like the sun rising and setting determine whether we get out of bed and move around outside, or the moon rising, whether we go to bed at the end of the day, and in fact how we sleep.

Planets were set in the heavens by our Source, and have been observed for thousands and thousands of years, by Wise Men seeking God’s Son, by Abraham, long before them; also by Aristotle, Copernicus and many others.

So back to Pluto, it takes Pluto to 247-ish years to come back to the place it was at the moment you were born, so NONE of us will ever see our own Pluto Return.

My natal Pluto is in my childhood home, in the sign of health, as is the natal Pluto sign of ALL born in my same generation. I can’t tell you how many childhood friends have died, how many people in our senior class are no longer here because of health issues.
Did you know Pluto’s placement on your natal chart governs generational issues YOU SPECIFICALLY are here to CLEAR, for your family line?

Pluto, being the furthest planet out at the end of our solar system represents “the end”, which brings new beginnings.

Pluto represents the energy of the death that brings new life.

Pluto also obits as a metaphor for power struggles, abuse, fears, our deep psychology and REBIRTH, and just like it’s eccentric orbit, Pluto takes us to the “edge”, of what we feel we can bear.

Because it is the furthest dwarf planet out in our solar system, Pluto resonates with a quadrant in the sky we call “The 8th House CAVE” (the womb tunnel we come into this life and the tunnel through which we leave it, moving towards that indescribable light, accounted for by so many near death experiences).

Pluto is a the gatekeeper of the quadrant of the sky where we find the sign of Scorpio (the shadowy constellation which the sun moves through when we celebrate Halloween, and the day’s light shortens toward long winter nights).

Why am I talking about this?

I’m talking about this because we are within spitting distance of the PLUTO Return of the United States of America.

I’m talking about this because I have been a student of history and planetary cycles for over 25 years.

So just like as the sun comes around each year and you celebrate your birthday, a Pluto Return for a country triggers deep upheaval, SOUL searching and rebirth, as it is brought to the edge of its own existence.

So we look to other countries that have been through Pluto Returns themselves and are still here, in order to “fresh courage take” and have faith in our future.

If we look at England, its first Pluto Return was the Black Plague, that killed off 60% of the population in Western Europe.
If we look at England’s second Pluto return, we find that it culminated with the execution of King Charles I (Who I’m related to in the way way back), triggering a Republic, which eventually failed and went back to monarchy.

We WE WE, folks, are on the cusp, here in the United States of OUR FIRST Pluto Return.

WE are the ones at this moment in time to steward that transition for this a beloved experiment we called democracy, America, going through a struggle for HER soul.

We, men and women, are the midwife’s for Lady liberty as she rebirths herself.

If you are here right now, it means you’re strong enough to steward this DEEP work.

If you know this, if you are conscious of it, then you can make decisions based on AWARENESS, rather than the natural man base impulses, political spin, propaganda or fear mongering (to the extent that has never been seen from a country’s leadership before on these shores before now).

In my Soul Weather™ training, I have been teaching about this upcoming Pluto return of the United States for over FOUR years.

Did you know that being aware of this put me on a fast track to paying down all my personal debt to zero, to paying off nearly half of the yoga studio in three years, so my monthly payment would be next to nothing by 2020, to taking extra care of my health and setting healthier boundaries than I ever have in my entire life, to standing up to past childhood abuse, to finally standing steady and strong, working with church leadership, as my abusive father was (finally) excommunicated from the LDS church, these are the ways I have been quietly and steadily using the upcoming Pluto Return PROACTIVELY, on behalf of myself and my family.

In the words of Louisa May Alcott, who wrote the beloved book “Little Women”:


That is how you dispel the shadow of a Pluto Return!

We know the physical science principle that the brighter the light, the more crisp the shadow becomes…UNLESS YOU BECOME ONE WITH THE LIGHT, and there is no darkness that can reside within you.

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