Four comprehensive Yoga, Meditation & Life-Coaching Certifications

    certification-ytt-11Get certified to teach a broad range of comprehensive yoga classes, learn hands-on adjusting, and enjoy a deep personal dive into the wisdom and philosophy of yoga. Complete all four Certifications. and qualify at the 500-1,000+ hour level Yoga aficionado.

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    karenkallipartnerBecome certified to offer private, one on one Restorative Partner Yoga classes and group partner yoga workshops.

    Dive into the anatomy, ayurvedic, and “synergy healing” side of yoga.

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    certification-quantm-introOffer clientele one on one meditative healing sessions. Become adept at facilitating meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Holographic Healing that will change your life and the life of your client in both clarity and practice.

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    certification-chakra-introFor massage therapist, yoga instructors, energy-healers who are ready to learn full-spectrum chakra therapies that can be applied to any modality.

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This is the studio that I am currently getting my yoga certification through. The initial reason why I chose to get certified through Bodhi is because it worked best with my schedule–working on my master’s degree and yoga certification at the same time was definitely a lot to try to get done all at once! Bodhi offers two choices–students can choose to attend either one week long intensive course, or one weekend of classes a month for 5 months. Honestly, that alone had me sold!

But the thing is, I am so glad that I chose Bodhi. The instructor, Syl Carson, takes an approach that really taps in to how yoga can become a tool to find balance in all aspects of life. I absolutely love it. If you are wanting your certification, you should check it out! And “not having time” or being too busy is no excuse! This has become such a resource to me, especially as life has been so crazy during graduate school. This came into my life right when I needed it!

Also, (maybe this is a little bit TMI), but my tuition has already paid for itself. If you’re considering getting certified, I’d say, just go for it! –Kim Matheny Baker

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