A variety of on-going yoga philosophy, hands-on and off adjusting techniques, including therapeutic partner yoga, and a variety of yoga class training, availably just for Bodhi Yoga Teachers.

This branch of the Bodhi Yoga tree, is for three kinds of yogis, who are ready to move beyond the monthly $9.95 membership and become certified to teach and practice with clients:

First, for those of you who are already certified and would like clear karma, to teach what you learn here at gobodhiyoga.com.

Second, for those of you who have already certified through Bodhi Yoga in person, and would like to access our trainings and new techniques.  As well as, current in-person Bodhi Yoga graduate candidates, to fulfill your follow-up requirements for certification.

Third, for those of you who are ready to embark on one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher, energy healer and/or chakra therapy certifications available, online or in person.


Quan.TM Holographic Healer Certification-for using a facilitated meditation, through yoga nidra practices, to help clients one on one clear emotional, mental and physical distortions and heal effects from post-traumatic stress.  The premise of Quan.TM Holographic Healing is that we rest the thinking mind.  Using a special meditative protocol, we create a dialog between the sub-consious mind and the deeper wisdom of the essential self.  An effective energy healing meditation technique for realizing the best and brightest in our potential.

This Certification is in post-production now.  Available January 2013 or before

Bodhi Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification-one of the most comprehensive in the country, you will dive deep into the wisdom and power of Bodhi Yoga.  Our 500-page manual includes five sessions:  1-Breath, Bone and Gesture, Intro to Asana, and History of Yoga.  2-Anatomy of Movement & 12 Climates of the Body, Contexts of Practice, Teaching the BodhiFlow, BodhiSpin, BodhiYin. 3-Wisdom of Ayurveda, Natural Progression of Yoga Asana, Advancing in the Practice, Hands-on Adjusting using Thai Partner Yoga. 4-Discovering Your Voice, Emotions of Movement, Teaching the Language of movement, Sacred Sanskrit Chant. 5-Choosing your Path, Teaching Specialized Classes, Energy Healing Aspects of Yoga.

This Certification is in-production now.  Available April 2013 or before

Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapist Certification-advanced therapeutic practices for the chakras.  Perfect for anyone who is teaching yoga, massage, energy healing, traditional cognitive therapy, and individuals who are simply ready to evolve.  This training shares new and enlightened perspectives when it comes making the most of life.  We learn over 42 Chakra perspectives each with four applicable therapies.  Yes that is 168 applicable therapies to have in your energy tool kit. Each one, as enlightened as the next, will change both your life and the individuality of your client’s life in profound ways.  Our 200-page manual, Chakra-deck, and chakra essential oil sample kit, with 28 essential oils will advance your understanding and chakra healing to the mastery level.

This Certification is pre-production now.  Available August 2013 or before

Once you have enrolled online in a Bodhi Yoga program, you are welcome to attend your certification in person at Bodhi Yoga for FREE, should you ever choose to join us.