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“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds,
your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a new,
great and wonderful world…Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive in you, and you
discover yourself to be a greater person, by far, than you ever dreamed yourself to be”
– Patanjanli, the Father of Yoga, Author of Yoga Sutras written during 10th Century


Life-changing yoga that empowers YOU to change lives


I highly recommend Syl’s teacher training because I feel that it is very unique. The course offers the full package, and a real connection to the spiritual side of yoga. Syl is very nurturing and I felt at ease and developed a real closeness with the other students. Thank you Syl, I am loving teaching yoga in my small community.”

Cindy Windsor - Ontario, Canada

We make the journey easy to take and simply inspiring

Session One:
Breath, Bone & Gesture 3 Aspects of Yoga Asana


Take a Sneak Peek
into Session One

Session Two:
Anatomy of Yoga &
Teaching Different Pracitces


Take a Sneak Peek
into Session Two

Session Three:
Hands-on Adjusting
& Natural Progression Asana™


Take a Sneak Peek
into Session Three

Session Four:
Sanskrit, Yoga Chant,
Teaching Movement Theraputics


Take a Sneak Peek
into Session Four

Session Five:
Energy Healing Yoga, Specialized Classes & Your Path Teaching


Take a Sneak Peek
into Session Five

Each session includes online classes, pre-reading and follow-up pages from your 500-Page Yoga Teacher’s Reference Manual, DVD & Media Kit and online yoga class-workshops, practice teaching direction
and personal yoga study guide, so you can easily follow along from home.

This is the Yoga teacher training (of several) that helped me develop and deepen my practice. I have used it in the work of healing not only my body, but my life.  And now I get to share it with all of you!  Thank you Bodhi Yoga

Melanye Cannon, Ashland Oregon

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Once certified as a Yoga Teacher you'll be qualified to:

Once I am certified through Bodhi Yoga, what will I be qualified to do with my certification?

• To teach a complete repertoire of Yoga Postures

• A variety of BodhiFlow Vinyasa Power Yoga Styles & Sequencing

• A variety of BodhiYin Restorative Styles & Sequencing

• A variety of BodhiSpin Chakra Styles with Kundalini Style Sequencing

• The twelve Systems of the Body as related to the body of Yoga

• Anatomy/Emotions of Yoga Movement

• Structures of Sanskrit/Yoga Chant/Ayurveda

• Teaching students body awareness, and how to move through beginning through advanced yoga postures using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression™ approach to Asanas

• Comprehensive Hands-on-adjusting using Thai Partner Yoga Techniques

• Develop Specialized Classes from Pre-Natal, Kids to a range of Therapeutic Yoga

• Skills for designing individually appropriate private sessions with confidence & authenticity.

Online email and webinar support directly from Syl

Bodhi Yoga Founder, (the author-illustrator) leads a quarterly 2-hour webinar for enrollees. You will join in on inspiring discussion, Q & A, and make connections with other participants and graduates.

While you are completing your online yoga teacher training, you may submit questions and discussion subjects, with monthly email replies from Syl and Bodhi Yoga teachers, to help you feel centered and supported on your path.

Attend in person at the Bodhi Yoga Center for FREE

Once you’ve enrolled in Bodhi Yoga’s online teacher training, if the opportunity ever arises, you are invited to attend the in-person sessions for FREE anytime.

So should you ever find your way to Bodhi Yoga in-person, you may join Bodhi Yoga’s Teacher Training for FREE (as you have already paid your tuition online and receive the same qualifications to teach as you would in the in-person certification).  A beautiful offering available to YOU!

What are the 200-Hour Certification Requirements?

-90 Hours: Online Classes with Syl included here
-10 Hours: Yoga Philosophy & Ethics Homestudy from manual & DVDs included; as well as your 18-month unlimited Teacher Training Level membership to gobodhiyoga.com
-20 Hours: Personal Yoga Practice (on your own mat at home)
-30 Hours: Practice Teaching (friends & family from home/use Bodhi Yoga Center)
-30 Hours: Yoga Class Practice (by online membership and Bodih Yoga DVDs included in your tuition or local classes)
-20 Hours: Anatomy Study (On your own from home)
– 24 Yoga Blogging Entries

Join in groups of 10 or more and bring Syl in person to you!

Groups who enroll together with 10 or more participants have the option of hosting Syl, in person for a two-day in person session.

Please note: Syl’s Travel and lodging are arranged by the hosting group, based on prior mutual agreement.  To contact her about coming to your group in person, email:  info@gobodhiyoga.com

I’ve completed the online Bodhi Yoga™ Teacher Training and 7 Chakras Mind & Body™.  I have used them in the work of healing not only my body, but my life. This is the Yoga teacher training that helped me develop and deepen my practice, and now I get to share it with all of you! Thank you Bodhi Yoga.

Melanye Cannon, Ashland Oregon

Enroll for your own personal immersion or to complete your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

You will have 18-months from your enrollment date to complete your certification, following which, you will be qualified to join gobodhiyoga.com at the Bodhi Yoga Instructor level, where you will have continued access to all current Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training and gobodhiyoga.com classes.  So as we update our program in the future, if you wish, you will receive ongoing support from this program, for as long as you would like to enjoy it,  for only $19.95/mo. following your initial 18-month certification.


By enrolling with your tuition, you will be prompted to set up your user name and password, to begin viewing the program immediately.  Syl will contact you by email with in 72-hours to let you know your manual and media kit is on its way!

Tuition:  $2,750.

Enroll Here

Bodhi Yoga taught me so well to teach to the world ahead, and gave me so much support and love in all these years of practicing after certification. I did the most right thing, I chose Syl for teaching me. I look for the day when I cross the ocean to Bodhi in person. Take care, Syl, and be Blessed always, Doctor-Teacher.

Simona Strelec, Maribor Slovenia

Want to join us in person?

If you would like to make your own personal pilgrimage to Bodhi Yoga and join us in person, here are the upcoming in-person sessions with Syl:

Winter-Spring Session
January through May Annually
We meet the last weekend monthly
Friday Evening 3-9pm
and all day Saturday 8:30am-5pm
last weekend of each month

Summer Accelerated Session
June 8th-18th 2016
We meet for a transformational 10-days
Daily classes from 8:30-4pm
and evenings 6:30-8pm
(no class Sunday)

Autumn-Winter Session
August through December Annually
We meet the second weekend monthly
Friday Evening 3-9pm
and all day Saturday 8:30am-5pm
on second weekend of each month

Email info@gobodhiyoga.com for details on accommodations at Provo River Inn located 50-feet, within CottonTree Square complex, from Bodhi Yoga’s door.  Learn more about the facility, click here