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Bodhi Yoga Energy of 2020 New Years Meditation

TOO FAR TO JOIN IN PERSON?  Purchase this Special 2020 New Years Day Meditation Event (without the floral water) streaming online through June 21st 2020


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Welcoming the New Year (and Decade) with this Bodhi Yoga Favorite!

Syl checks in on how everyone has felt about year 2019 and speaks to the energy cycle we are about to complete.

ORIGIN of YOUR CHAKRAS: Syl’s insight into what your chakras are and how they relate to understanding the energy of the new decade.

INTRO TO SOUL WEATHER: Syl gives an introduction into how understanding the energy of each year raises your potential.

ENERGY OF 2020: Syl shares energetic Life-path of 2020, eclipse cycles and how to use them to raise your level of consciousness.

Syl holds the space for a group meditation on what your theme and focus becomes during the New Year 2020 and the new decade to come.

2020 MEDITATION INSIGHTS: Group shares deep insights received during their New Years Mediation and sacred closing chant: Omg Namo Guru Dev Namo (“May the wisdom of the Creator move through me”).