BodhiYin Yoga Restorative Practice for Invoking Harmony

This is a special BodhiYin Yoga Restorative for times when the heart is heavy and mind is weary.

This was filmed on Memorial Day Weekend 2020, when much of our culture was at odds with itself, as the lives lost to Covid-19 in the United States neared 100,000 fellow Americans.

The BodhiYin chant OM SHREEM is a Bija Mantra, to bring the outer-discordant energies of the world into more abundant and harmonious rapport with one another.

A Bija Mantra chant, though beyond any literal translation, is a calling out and invoking, simultaneously–an invocation call for the winds of change to bring the soul into well-being, acceptance, abundant harmony and contentment, body, mind and spirit.

OM SHREEM is a chant that will help strengthen the lungs, as it creates a Sattivc-outwardly expansive reach and lengthens the exhale; making space for new and deepened well-being within the breath.

In yoga, Bijja Mantra may be chanted to still and focus the mind during meditation, lengthen the breath and the Anusuara (micro-flow of chant sound, as it tapers off) and healing reverb throughout the body.