BodhiYin Moving into Stillnes

Rebirth does not often come easily, as we have surely seen over the past week.

This morning called for restorative super-gentle back-bending, forward folds and restorative inversions, to get tight spaces in both body and mind to loosen their hold on our perspective and allow some vigor and vitality to lift us beyond where we have been.

Before filming this class I saw a private video clip, of a group of protesters in Montana, where an angry man came into the midst of the otherwise docile crowd and began yelling into faces, all sorts of vitriol an intimidating posturing.

The closer he got in a person in the crowd’s face the louder the crowd chanted the words: “peaceful, Peaceful, PEACEFUL.” He just got more and more angry and more and more profane, but then the group would surround him and called out to him collectively their mantra: “peaceful, Peaceful, PEACEFUL”, until a police officer arrived to take him out of the situation. 

I don’t know if I have ever seen a more poignant example of light and dark in the same space, face to face. It was ugly and beautiful, in the same breath.

This week’s practice is designed to help the body restore and renew within stressful times by using some of the most gentle movements to soften the hardened and tight places in the physical body.

For we Monthly Bodhi Yoga Members, here at home, the routine of gathering at the beautiful Bodhi Space each Monday morning with you all is dearly missed, but I am SO very glad that I followed my intuition and your requests to wait, to revisit opening Bodhi Yoga until July 15th. 

This past weekend Utah County saw the largest spike in new positive Covid-19 cases so far. Over 500 people tested positive in ONE DAY.

To keep us all safe, I am happy to continue offering these special online yoga classes (and additional other segments) for the time being, even though I miss being with you all in person so very dearly!

Even if it is not your thing to do yoga from home, please, please, for me, try it this week. You will be surprised and how much of a difference it makes.

Sending peace and blessing for belonging, safety, well-being for all, at this tender time in our society.