BodhiYin Yoga Restorative Breath of Belonging

This week, we pick up where we left off.

This week we talk about bridging the gap between where we are and where we long to be.

This week’s BodhiYin Yoga Restorative practice is designed to help you get the breath into all those places in body, mind and spirit which resist, stress, hold tension and so on.

The Breath of Belonging is an incredible practice, that will help you feel renewed and more content than you may have been able to feel in months.

It is from that place, (contentment) that we can begin to create the life that sometimes feels out of reach. Contentment regardless of circumstance, in Eastern Philosophy is called EQUANIMITY–Feeling up to the moment, feeling ready to shift what it all means into a better place. 

Enjoy this practice, pink up those lungs and free up that tension.

Restorative Yoga is my gift to get you closer to feeling up to the moment this week.