BodhiYin Yoga Restorative Moving into ALLOWING

As we move past the Summer Solstice, wrap-up BOTH Venus and Mercury Retrograde and (over the holiday weekend) a TRIPLE Eclipse Portal, which began with a moment of brutality that triggered deep societal unrest, like we have not seen since the birth of our country, we now settle in to doing something that has the ability to FEEL both LASTING and pro-active with ALL that energy. Each one of us will process the energy of this time differently, but we each do so for similar reasons. We know what imbalance feels like, and we seek the antithesis of the stress that feeling out of balance brings. In addition, even if this stress is a good thing to help us see what we may not have seen in ourselves before and to ultimately assist in our growth, we know there needs to be more room for our body mind and spirit, in order to develop the long-term equilibrium we seek. This week’s class is designed to help us deal with how and where we get hooked into circling around in stress patterns and cycles based on what’s going on outside of ourselves. Taking movement into BodhiYin Yoga Restorative, using eye movement meditation techniques and especially the B R E A T H itself, will help us move into the second half of Summer 2020 feeling better than we have in months! This practice is a game-changer, to shift us into a much better way of being, for this coming week and beyond. This is a practice to detox negative stress caused by social media and help you restore the Allowing Current of WELL-BEING to flow through YOU! May you have a blessed week, where divine allowing is able to flow through you! Namaste! Syl