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What is a Chakra?

 The chakras originate in the tantric traditions (mantras, meditation, practice, ritual) of yoga.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “disk” or “wheel,” as the circle of a blossom. Your 7 chakras were originally perceived over 2500 years ago by yogi seers who were alchemists seeking immortality.  In their meditations, these holy men saw lotus flowers symbolizing hidden wisdom for connecting inner-outer healing, heaven-earth perspectives, yin-yang alignments—the lower physical experience of stress and struggle, with the higher realms of the spirit of intentions flowing abundance.

Click on the “+” (plus sign) next to each chakra to learn more. Keep in mind, the chakras start at the root and go up when referred to by number.

Your Root Chakra governs all beginnings in the physical world, including your money, health, family, and survival issues.  When you have a healthy “Root Chakra,” you are grounded in all the goodness of mortality.  This earth element chakra is the root or foundation of all the other chakras and is physically situated at the base of your spine, legs, and feet. It is considered the “sleeping place” of Kundalini Shakti—the awakening manifestation we call “Mother Nature.” Your Root Chakra holds all your potential in the raw.  In the vibrational range of the red color spectrum, things move pretty slow at the root. Issues that arise from your Root Chakra usually arise for you to learn to let go of your fears and embrace greater patience in the foundational circumstances of your life.

Checking your Root Chakra: Are you often afraid of life’s risks, over-committed, physically tired, in financial lack, or not manifesting the life you dream of?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these, your Root Chakra may be telling you it’s time to get back to basics.

Your Sacral Chakra governs your sexuality, emotional well-being and your creativity. When you have a healthy Sacral Chakra, you naturally enjoy ebb and flow of life, and have a strong instinct for fun. This water element chakra holds your instinctual emotions of creativity, movement and playfulness. This Chakra is at the reproductive center of the low abdomen and sacral plexus. In the vibrational range of orange on the color spectrum, things begin to move in relation to others in your circle. Issues in your Sacral Chakra usually arise for you to learn to play a more healthy balance between expression and repression of your emotions, sexuality, and instinctual creativity, which can flow more easily when you let go of those overdoses of guilt in your life.

Checking your Sacral Chakra: Do you often feel guilty, sexually frustrated or exploiting yourself, creatively blocked, over-emotional or indulgent, sad, depressed or over-isolated and lonely?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these, your Sacral Chakra likely needs nurturing.

Your Solar Chakra governs your personal power to transform and empower your life to become the way you would choose. When your Solar Chakra is healthy, you are motivated to make great things happen for yourself and others. This fire element chakra located at the solar plexus or core, connects us to our self-esteem, personality, and will-power. Your Solar Chakra is the hub of the digestive processes, both physically and metaphorically, transforming raw material into empowering energy. In the vibrational range of yellow on the color spectrum, things begin to heat up and get you motivated to shine. Issues in your Solar Chakra usually arise for you to learn to take a stand, own who you are completely, and shed the shame in your life arising from the distorted use of power.

Checking your Solar Chakra: Do you often find it difficult to  loose the weight you want, manage your anger, ask for that raise, avoid being  manipulated or taking advantage of others for your personal benefit?

If you answered, “Yes” to these, it may be that your Solar Chakra is way out of whack.

Your Heart Chakra governs your ability to both give and receive a healthy balance of love. It is a bridge for balancing heaven-earth, spiritual-physical, yin-yang, and female-male relationships in your life. The name Anahata means “unstruck sound” referencing the space for potential. The vibrational range of green, balances on the light color spectrum localized from your heart moving out though your arms and hands. Your heart is the central hub for rhythms beating between your physical and spiritual life. A healthy Heart Chakra is where you find middle ground or balanced rhythms in your relationships, your surroundings, people, places, and things. Issues in your Heart Chakra usually surface to help you learn to embrace wholeheartedly all that life has to teach you and trade your grieving for an atmosphere of gratitude, respect and Love (with a capital L).

Checking your Heart Chakra: How comfortable are you in your relationships, giving or receiving touch, love, or gifts;  feeling like your life is balanced and fresh? How easy are you breathing right now?

Take a deep breath. Now let it out in a nice long sigh… You are on your way to balancing your Heart Chakra.

Your Throat Chakra governs your ability communicate. A great communicator is someone who can both hear and be heard, as well as understand the “vibe” of any given experience. This sound element chakra moves all the way down to the vibrational level of the bright blue color spectrum. Your surroundings also “say” a lot about who you present yourself to be. When you live in integrity with who you present yourself to be, your presence will have a  cleansing effect on others. When you enjoy a balanced Throat Chakra (the throat, mouth, and ears) you can speak truth, as well as listen to others’ truth of who you are to them. Issues in the Throat Chakra usually surface to help you learn to live more honestly, to purify yourself from the lies or stories you’ve been telling yourself, and let the truth of who you are raise your “good vibrations” to the surface.

Checking your Throat Chakra:  How freely do you speak your truth, how honestly do you hear how others speak of you, would you rather just listen to yourself talk, how much do you value your ethics, reputation and personal integrity, what kind of face do you put on for others; what do the people, places and things you surround yourself with “say” about you, how many people really know the real you?

Most of us would rather drop down into control, denial, and fear, rather than face our honest truth. Your Throat Chakra 5 is your last chance to make things right before you either create more karma, or you are able to enter the higher realms of your “Dharma” (magnify your life’s potential). Either way, doing some purifying here is well worth your while!

Your Brow Chakra, often called the Third Eye, governs both intuition (knowing what’s going on inside), and insight (knowing what’s going on outside), as well as commanding the indigo spectrum of your inner desires outward into full fruition. This space element chakra is located between the brow center of the forehead, with the pineal gland, developing even before the brain in embryo. This center is where you learn how to “move mountains” with your inner vision and to create the most abundance with the least amount of effort. This center also governs your inner life cycle clock, triggering puberty, adulthood and eventually the timing of transitioning from your body into Spirit, through a process we call death. Issues in the Brow Chakra usually surface to help you learn to trust your sixth sense, and let go of illusions, as you discern the difference between the time being right as apposed to “RIPE”.

Checking your Brow Chakra: How much do you worry or over-think your life. How well to you trust your own sense of intuition, how clearly to you see and use your senses when making decisions and plans, how often are you willing trust your promptings and align your actions in your life with your intuition, at the “RIPE” time and place?

Your Brow, or Third Eye, Chakra will only lead you off course, if you are trying to skip steps. When you’ve begun clearing your karmas in the lower chakras as you go, you have nothing to worry about here.

Your Crown Chakra governs your thoughts and beliefs. It is your chakra of enlightenment and rules the sealing connection between you and Divine Source. On the light-speed violet spectrum, there are more neuroconnections in your brain than stars in the universe and more cells in your body, than grains of sand on the planet. We are bigger than we know. When your Crown Chakra at the top of the head is healthy, it can witness your essential truths in every other center of the body right down to the cellular level. Issues in the Crown Chakra usually surface to help you learn that it is your attachments that can distract you from what is most important. When your crown is open, healing occurs at quantum speed. It feels like coming home to the essence of who you really are, with grace pulsating through you, guiding you to divine pathways, realized potential,  and infinite value.

Checking your Crown Chakra: Do you feel your life has purpose? Do you understand the big picture easily? Do you feel you are connected in your life and in your spirituality? Do you have one way of thinking, doing and being? Are you manifesting the life you were born to live right now?

If you can say yes, you are home. Your Crown Chakra, moves you beyond any timetable and helps you feel purpose. Your days will fly by when your chakras are in alignment, because you are at home in your own potential. Welcome home!

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