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You will have access to an incredible pool of chakra resources.

    Channelled Chakra History, Therapeutics, and Applicable Study

    Syl authored and illustrated your 300-page full-color, chakra therapy manual.  Through her life journey, she has experienced much healing, using this Bodhi Yoga chakra matrix.

    It was through three near death experiences, during an invasive cancer diagnosis, that Syl began to accept that she was a channel new chakra wisdom.  She began writing what she was and had learned down, available to you as your 300-page chakra therapy manual.  Discover a beautiful and vast perspective, relevant for today, in the chakra story that branches from the tantric traditions of yoga.  You manual includes 300-pages of very sacred, channeled information, therapeutics, practices and study, that will bring your chakras into rapport with one another; awakening your potential.

    67 Chakra Therapy Cards 

    The Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™, includes 67, full-color silk-paper cards, each with a BEAUTIFUL Chakra Mandala, Mantra, and life-changing “Intention-Meditation”. You will love these sacred gems.  Your chakra cards will take you step-by-step through the hologram of each one of your chakras, like a winding stairway to living your full potential.   This beautiful Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™ will guide you to a new potentials, held right in the palm of your hand.

    You will learn to use them for yourself, or offer Chakra Therapy to your yoga students and private practice clientele.

     Chakra Alignement Videos, Chakra Yoga Practices,
    7 Chakras Mind & Body AromaTherapy

    The 7 Chakras Mind & Body online program is just the beginning.  Participants in this program will enjoy  chakra alignment videos that activate, clear and heal each of your holographic chakra combinations, ongoing Bodhi Yoga Chakra Practices, as well as the opportunity to purchase rare-precious-grade Bodhi Yoga Chakra AromaTherapy (sold semi-annually).  Each Chakra has four essential oils that honor the 4-tiers of chakra alignment taught in this program.


“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended and I’ve attended probably more than my share. Days later, I feel totally invigorated.

Karen Thomas, Sandy Utah