7 Charkas Mind & Body Session 3

Dive delightfully DEEP, into the that way your 7 chakras are affecting your relationships at home, work and in your life to come.  Participate in virtual Chakra Therapy sessions with Syl, following along with your own Chakra Deck™ from home.

Enjoy daily alignment without saying a word or doing a thing, as you view the light-color Chakra Therapy Videos.  
FEEL the vibrational shift pouring through YOU, 7 Chakras Mind & Body!

Four Pillars of Facilitating Bodhi Yoga™ Chakra Therapy Sessions: 
Relationship Chakra Dynamics with Female-Anima vs. Male-Animus Chakras, Practicum Chakra Therapy Classes, Liberating Chakra Current and Manifesting Chakra Current Light-color Chakra Therapy Chakra Alignments

Chakra Therapy Certification Program Session Three Follow-up:

Begin completing your Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapist Certification packet for your own 7 Chakras Mind & Body Certification Packet.  You can download a fresh copy under “files” on our 7 Chakras Mind & Body Facebook group.