Bodhi Yoga Online Member Classes $9.95mo In-Person Member Weekly Online Yoga Classes $ Yoga Workshops For Certified Yoga Teachers

These are SPECIAL online classes filmed fresh each week for our Bodhi Yoga In-person Annual Monthly Members, while Covid-19 is rebirthing the way we practice together safely.

Syl tailors each week’s class to a different supportive practice for feeling more whole (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) during such an historic time in our culture.

This $49. Annual Monthly Membership includes in-person classes (as they resume), as well as ALL online classes and yoga workshops in the red buttons above, giving you a vast amount of options to develop and maintain a beautiful yoga practice from wherever feels best!


BodhiYin Yoga Restorative

These classes help you relax and release deep stress and tightness from body and mind, while you restore fresh energy and perspective into all areas of your life.

BODHIBLEND: HEART CLEARING WEEK 2: Clear tightness and stress from your heart using gentle BodhiSpin, BodhiYin and our LOVELY Heart Chakra singing bowl. (48-min)

BODHIBLEND: HEART CLEARING WEEK 1: Clear tightness and stress from your heart using gentle BodhiSpin, BodhiYin and our LOVELY Heart Chakra singing bowl. (48-min)

BODHIYIN Yoga Gentle Blend Yin-Spin: A special class for improving your posture and opening tight hips, using both Yin and gentle Spin, as well as our lovely signing bowl. (102-min)

BODHIYIN Yoga Restorative: 7 Bodhis for Seven Days: Choose one of seven Bodhi Yoga favorites, or do the entire class once daily for seven days, to bring awareness and aliveness into how you live well in each moment of your day. (44-min)

BODHIBLEND Restorative-Spin Seasonal Shifts:Be well during seasonal shifts (with spikes and valleys in barometric pressure and weather) that can disrupt your mind-body equilibrium. (58-min)

BODHIYIN Restorative Inversions:This class for rebalancing your reality from disharmony to well-being, through BodhiYin Inversions and living movement. (101-min)

BODHIYIN Calm-Clear Mind:This class distills down how to clear the mind, while relaxing the rest of the body and rejuvenating perspectives. (106-min)

BODHIYIN Brow Chakra Mind & Heart:This class for loosening tightness in the body that can come from tight perspectives, a great Third-Eye Chakra class to connect mind and heart. (106-min)

BODHIYIN HIPS-SHOULDERS-NECK:This class for tight hips, shoulders, neck may seem well and good on the surface, but it is really here to help you and I navigate something called “ambiguous loss”(50-min)

HEART EMPOWERING CHAKRA THERAPY: This is a class where Syl helps you release blocks between your power center and wholeheartedness, in a way that helps you feel more safe to be in your body.1:12min

MOVING INTO ALLOWING: Designed to help us deal with where we get hooked into circling around in stress patterns and cycles, based on what’s going on outside of ourselves.49-min

BREATH OF BELONGING: This week’s BodhiYin Yoga Restorative practice is designed to help you get the breath into all those places in body, mind and spirit which resist, stress, hold tension and so on.1:09min

OPENING THE VITALITY IN THE SPINE:We hold our breath, we hold our plans, we hold tightness in the body, this class will help you open up the life vitality through your spine. (56-min)

SOFT TISSUE VITALITY: This class helps you feel better in the moment, so you can take that vitality and free movement as a hidden gift with you into each moment. 50min

MOVING INTO STILLNESS:This class is helps the body restore-renew in stressful times by using some of the most gentle movements to soften hardened and tight places in the physical body.1:06min

RESTORING THE VAGUS:Calming the sympathetic nervous system is challenging in the face of long-term stress. Recenter HERE, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you!1:22min

Bodhi Yoga Living Movement Practice

When you need to be set free to move, breathe, feel and think better!

LIVING MOVEMENT:  Free up healthy flow throughout your body, deepen your breath and clear your mind. 6-min


Bodhi Chair Yoga Practice

When you don’t feel like getting down onto the floor with your bolsters and blankies, these Bodhi Chair Yoga classes help you feel healthier and more energized, as you sit at your computer!

RELEASING ENERGY BUILDUP-an Invitation:  glimpse how yoga can change your life; benefits and approach. 6-min

CHAIR YOGA FOR RELEASING ENERGY BUILD UP: This simple chair yoga practice helps give you just enough movement that you can do it every day (try it for one week!) and maintain healthy everyday living patterns and most of all, contentment regardless of circumstance.. 24-min

 INTRODUCTION TO CHAIR YOGA: Syl guides you through a great basic overview of chair yoga.37min

Bodhi Everyday Yoga Moments

These quick classes help you get just a moment of yoga breathing, mind-body wellness and simple daily Bodhi Yoga healing routines that will raise your vitality, immunity
and ability to deal with adversity and stress.

BETTER LOW BACK IN TWO MINUTES:  Syl guides you to a gentle low-back release in less than two minutes for life-long better low-back health. 2-min

SEATED HIP STRETCHING SEQUENCE: Syl takes 8 minutes to guide a student through a simple progression of hip releasing.