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10 Talents of Abundance Retreat One: Meditation Made Natural

Retreat One: Meditation Made Natural Retreat Two: Your Tipping Points Retreat Three: Visualizations-Intentions 10-Minute Meditations Join

We begin together to lay the misconceptions about meditation down
and create the meditation that works best for YOU and your body!

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own smart phone, tablet or internet t.v.

Begin by making meditation more natural for YOU!

Realize what it means to meditate and how to use it in your life.

TURNING STUMBLING BLOCKS INTO STEPPING STONES: Learn to use what makes meditation hard and deepen your ability to do it.

SIMPLE STRETCHES FOR MORE NATURAL MEDITATING: Basic stretches that make meditation feel more natural.

RECOGNIZING DISTRACTIONS: Discover how to realize what is distracting you from the ability to meditate.

ANATOMY & ENERGETICS OF MEDITATION: Discover the basic anatomy of your breath and energetics of your Chakras in meditation.

4-MINUTE PRACTICE MEDITATION: A quick meditation you can use everyday to recenter within your breath.

HOW EYES REFOCUS YOUR MEDITATION: Learn the role the eyes play in either keeping you from or helping you to meditate.

HOW TO END YOUR MEDITATION: Syl teaches you how to end your practice and still take your meditative centering into your day.

Busy life? Each Class above lasts between just 6-35 Minutes!

This special 3-class Meditation workshop is for anyone who would like to live
more mindfully and aligned with their potential for an abundant life!

Regardless of whether you think you know how to meditate, or feel you just can’t make
it work for you, you will  love the 10-Talents of Abundance 3-part Meditation Retreat,
Syl offers an this in-depth meditation training just for you to enjoy at
your own pace and in the comfort of your home, work or play.