Seasonal Recipes-a perpetual video blog of recipes that teach you what each ingredient does for you nutritionally, to inspire a more healthy life.  Learn to incorporate the dosha component into your diet and create a kitchen that honors the rhythm of each season in support of your well-being.

New recipes cycle bi-monthly, each Autumn-Winter, Winter-Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer-Autumn. You will love the changes you see in your physical shape and mental outlook, through our Dharmic approach to food.

Ayurvedic Cooking-learn to make the basics in an Ayurvedic diet, like Ghee, Spiced Milk, and a variety of rotating Kichari.  Incorporating an Ayurvedic approach to food will help you understand, the art of learning to maintain your individual doshic balance.  Honoring the seasons of your body, and overall health in your diet and transforming your emotional approach to food.