This wonderful Bodhi Yoga event will help you begin
and navigate the New Year 2022 in meaningful ways!

Once you enroll below, click on the 2022 New Year's Meditation to access your zoom link and join live Jan 1, 2022 at 10:30 AM MST:

Online 2022 New Year’s Day EVENT!Bodhi Yoga New Year’s Day Meditation, by ZOOM this year!

This Special Event will give you a front-row cushion to the Bodhi Yoga 2022 New Year’s Discussion and Meditation, with me (Syl Carson). I will share insights into goals-set vs. resolutions made vs. intentions for our New Year.

Come learn about the NEW ENERGY of 2022, including important celestial transits, important ways you can make the most of your gifts and talents to help you move more centered through the New Year!

Our 2020 and 2021 years have been preparing us to live more whole and aligned and in 2022, amidst some incredibly important energetic shifts, where we get to really put all the skills we are developing into practice!

The energy of 2022 will be epic.  I will guide you through a very special and historic in-depth discussion, followed by a beautiful new meditation to help you see the hidden gifts on our doorstep, as we ring in this incredible NEW YEAR!

THIS IS THE TIME WHICH WE HAVE BEEN CREATED FOR! Are you using your skills well, or are you in stress overload, or at a breaking point?  

During this special New Year’s Day 2022 Meditation, I will give you supportive perspectives that will also help you honor this important and pivotal year with an awakened frame of mind. It’s time to step forward onto a new path. There is help and Source light to support you and this class will help you recognize it all year.

Normally this is an in-person event that is only available live for only those who are local, so I hope you will take this great opportunity to participate this year!

Bodhi Yoga New Year’s Day Meditation: $25.
Saturday, January 1st, 2022
10:30 am-Noon

Once you enroll, click on the link in red to access your zoom link and be ready to join live on New Year’s Day, 2022!