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Yoga Quick Fix 6-28 minutes

YOGA AN INVITATION: to glimpse how yoga can change your life, describing the benefits and approach. 6-min

YOGA BREATHING PART I: Learn practice, anatomy of yoga breathing, energetics and approach. Three-part-breath (Dirga Swasam), and Ujjayi. 24-min

BEGINNERS SEATED POSES: Learn how to make sitting on the floor easier for you. Morn or eve, to relieve tightness and tiredness. 13-min

CHILD TO DOWN-DOG POSE: Explore yoga transitions between child pose and downward-facing dog, the Bodhi Yoga way. 8-min

MOVING THROUGH STANDING POSES: A variety of standing poses, without compromising alignment, Bodhi Yoga style. 14-min

BALANCING POSES: Move in a variety of yoga balancing poses, using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression Asana practice. Focused and fun. 10-min

BEGINNING BACK BENDING:  Straddle Fold, Pyramid, Camel, Pigeon, Beginning King Pigeon, Seated folds and twists for feeling great. 22-min

MANTRA MEDITATION: Make a daily meditation moment, and comfortable being you. 9-min

BODHIFLOW INTRO-TIER 1: BodhiStyle vinyasa yoga class, to introduce you to the first tier of the BodhiFlow. Learn to move with the length of your breath as you scroll and swagger through the flow. 11-min

BODHIFLOW TIER 1-2: Flexibility in the Flow. Learn BodhiFlow Tiers I & II and feel more open to everything that comes your way. 8-min

BODHIFLOW TIERS 1-3: Build strength and stamina. Learn to move with the length of your blissful breath. Helps you focus as much on your transtionss as the yoga poses themselves.  11-min

BODHIFLOW TIERS 1-4:  Rolling in the Flow.  Warm, open flexibility, build strength-stamina and roll out tension, using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression, sequencing of standing posture flow within your vinyasa. 11-min

Yoga Focus 30-45 minutes

BODHIFLOW-AUTUNM EVE UNWINDING: One round of Teirs 1-4, followed by Seated Boat Pose, supported inversions, twists and relaxation. Perfect to open and unwind. 30-min

BODHISPIN CHAKRA YOGA: Learn to feel the physical power of your thought through connecting your chakras. Feel more happy & positive. 35-min

BODHIYIN RESTORATIVE LYMPHATICS:  to stimulate lymph flow, while practicing deep, healing, rest. 40-min

Yoga Practice 60 + minutes: In-dept Rotating Rhythm

BODHIFLOW AUTUMN MORNING: Feel the Autumnal energy in your yoga with three-rounds of Tier 1-4 followed by asanas that honor this lovely time of year. 60-min

BODHIYIN RESTORATIVE WINTER YOGA NIDRA PRACTICE:  Supported back-bends, hip-openers, and twists.  Winter class focus on Yoga Nidra, for a deeply conscious rest.. 1 hour 14-min

BODHISPIN VIGROUS-INTENSE CHAKRA YOGA: Focus on personal empowerment, while you work up a good sweat and motivation to keep those New Year’s intentions. 1hr-18min

Adaptive Yoga Therapy: Chair Yoga, Yoga for Cancer and Yoga for Depression & Stress

CHAIR YOGA BREATHE AND FOLD: Learn breathing and stretching for a healthy spine and low back release. 8-min

CHAIR YOGA HIPS AND TWIST:  yoga breathing and stretching for healthy hips and low back release. 14-min

YOGA FOR DIGESTION: beginning nauli (belly pump), bridge pose, yoga twisting poses gently improving happy tummies. 10-min

THE POWER OF ADVERSITY-Yoga for Cancer: Glimpse into the hidden potential of hard times. Syl, speaking to her journey with invasive breast cancer. 3-min

YOGA FOR CANCER PART 1: on facing diagnosis and treatment. Online discussion on the adversity facing cancer is honest, touching and inspiring. 50-min

YOGA FOR CANCER PART 2: breathing, gentle yoga stretches and a simple meditation for helping ease the journey through treatment with courage. 50-min

YOGA FOR DEPRESSION & STRESS PART 1: Learn tools to live beyond depression and anxiety, using Bodhi Yoga’s healing code. View January 30 through April 1st. 35-min

YOGA FOR DEPRESSION & STRESS PART 2: The Practice Poses to lift you up when low and calm you down when stressed or anxious. View January 30-April 1st 35-min

Online Yoga Workshops: Rotating 7 Chakras Mind Body, Ayurveda, Vastu & Seasons of Your Practice

 7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-INTRODUCTION:  YOUR charkas are as individual as YOUR finger-print, from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra. View now through May. 37-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-  1 ROOT CENTER: Discussion and yoga to support and ground you. Create a healthy, grounded, balanced life. View now through January. 17-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-2-SACRAL CENTER: Nurture and balance relationships and sexuality. Yoga for increasing your capacity for joy and have fun with life. View now through January. 22-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-3-SOLAR CENTER:  Harness your personal empowerment, this discussion with help you step up and into your potential. Available NOW 17-min

AYURVEDA-an Introduction: Learn where your “dosha” comes from. Incorporate Ayurveda to awaken your life. 15-min

AYURVEDA-an Introduction: Learn to recognize your physical, mental, spiritual temperament-called your “dosha” and begin applying your new found wisdom. Available NOW! 25-min

VASTU YOGA FOR YOUR HOME-Part 1:  Discover the sacred code to align your outer physical surroundings (dwelling), with the inward mind-body abundance, that comes from practicing yoga. Available soon, just in time for spring cleaning!

VASTU YOGA FOR YOUR HOME-Part 2: Bring the everyday sacred into your surroundings. Inspired support for creating a healthy flow of prana (life-force), in your home, work, event space and more. Available soon, just in time for spring cleaning

SEASONS OF YOUR PRACTICE-Autumn/Winter Part 1:  Discussion on honoring the seasonal rhythms of your yoga and your life. Including introduction to Yoga Nidra. Available NOW  37-min

In Good Taste: Perpetually Rotating Ayurvedic Video Blog

DAILY JUICING:  Sweet veggie juice includes the beneficial nutrients to motivate you to juice daily. 13-min

ORGANIC HUMMUS: Use as a dip, in sandwich wraps and more with an Ayurvedic approach. 10-min

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP: Autumn-Winter soups are hearty, to increase our need for Kapha and balance Autumn-Winter. Available August through February. 30-min

MAKING GHEE: Learn the ancient art of making Ghee, to use as a healthy oil with a buttery flavor. 25-min

HEALING HOLIDAY MASHED POTATOES: Learn to make tasty mashed potatoes with an Ayurvedic flare and honoring your digestion’s dharma. Available NOW: November-January 5th. 7-min

ORGANIC HOLIDAY DRESSING: with out the animal fats. Learn the nutritional dharma of herbs and spices. Available NOW: November -January 5th. 16-min

CITRUS CILANTRO GUACAMOLE: A flavorful dip, salad dressing, or spread for your wraps, this will become a fast and healthy favorite. Syl shares the Ayurvedic aspect of this wonderful food. Available NOW. 10-min

MISO SHIITAKE SOUP: An excellent soup for detoxing or rebuilding your immune system, that tastes rich and amazing. A New Year’s Eve tradition at Bodhi Yoga. Available December through February. 25-min

Online Certification: Chakra Therapy, QuanTM Holographic Healer & 200-Hour Yoga Instructor

CHAKRA THERAPY CERTIFICATION:           Includes Chakra Therapies that will expand your practice: Applicable for Yoga Teachers, Energy Healers, Massage Therapist, Licensed Cognitive, Child, Marriage and Family Therapists, and anyone who is ready to take their Chakra studies to the mastery level.-Materials include: 225-page Chakra Therapy Manual-25 Online Chakra segments, including therapies, yoga and meditation practice, as well as applicable BodhiYoga Chakra AromaTherapy.-Ongoing support by email and teleconference.This online Chakra Yoga Certification Program is in pre-production and will be available no later than August 2013.

QUAN.TM                                                 HOLOGRAPHIC HEALER CERTIFICATION:             An in-depth study of clearing karmic drives, emotional triggers, post-traumatic stress, and reaching an advanced level of awakening. We learn the Bodhi Yoga protocol for Yoga Nidra, and field of consciousness (intuitive) healing. For Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapist, Traditional Therapist and all branches of Energy and Intuitive Healers.The Materials include:
-156 page Quan.TM Holographic Healer Manual
-25 Online Segments, including practice sessions
-Ongoing support by email and teleconference
This Online Energy Healer/Yoga Nidra Certification is in post-production and will be available for purchase no later than January 2013.

BODHI YOGA 200-HOUR TEACHER CERTIFICATION:                                                        One of the most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Certifications available. This Online Certification is a wonderful way to learn yoga from the inside out, or expand your teaching, hands-on adjusting. and yoga knowledge exponentially.
You may also enroll in the online Certified Bodhi Yoga Teacher level membership, and teach any techniques, or approach you learn here. Our “For Certified Teachers” section of includes:
-500 page/5 Session Manual
-25 online yoga teacher certification segments
-ongoing email and teleconference support
-tuition FREE enrollment in any in-person session of the Yoga Teacher Certification, (should you choose to grace us with your presence). This does not expire. It is a perpetual offer to sit in on this training in person, as many times as you wish.
This Online Yoga Teacher Certification is in perpetual production, and will be available for purchase no later than March 2013

FREE Online Yoga Classes

THE SIMPLE POWER OF YOGA -an Invitation: to glimpse how yoga can change your life, describing the benefits and approach. 6-min

FREE YOGA CLASS: Introduction to basic yoga poses for beginners using the Bodhi Yoga approach. 25-min

 THE POWER OF ADVERSITY-Yoga for Cancer: Syl shares a glimpse into the hidden potential of hard times; speaking to her journey with invasive breast cancer. 3 min