Order your 2022 Bodhi Yoga™ Soul Weather Moon Calendar™ today for delivery beginning December 1.
It’s just
$15 for the 13 x 13″ size and $30 for the high-resolution poster 18 x 18″ size. 

First-time purchasers, remember to include Soul Weather Moon Cards™, with your order for an additional $25.

 These calendars are printed only once yearly and available for pre-order only. Ordering closes on December 10.

What is a Soul Weather™ Moon Calendar?

Our Soul Weather Moon Calendar™ is a tool to help us understand the effects we feel from the movement of the moon around the earth. That’s the simple explanation, but there is more.

The lunar cycles of the moon can affect you like “soul weather.” Just ask any elementary school teacher, marriage and family therapist, labor and delivery or emergency room doctor/nurse, or law enforcement officer. They will tell you, when the moon is full, folks tend to feel life’s stressors intensify. Also, ask any artist about increased creativity. 

It makes sense that one of the latin roots for moon also means month and mother.

Did you know?

It was believed anciently that the moon governs your emotions, energy body, as well as your sense of belonging and feeling at home in your life.

Each of the four phases of 28-day lunar cycle can affect your personal growth and evolution differently. (Prior to electricity, women’s cycles corresponded with the moon cycle.)

Your monthly opportunity for growth is Divinely designed to help you align with your potential and prepare you for the following month’s path.

Two to three times each year we experience lunar and solar eclipses, which only happen on new and full moons occurring within the same  lunar cycle. Wow!

These two-week eclipse cycles are brief windows into your soul when you’re being prompted to move further forward in your life than would otherwise be possible.

The Soul Weather™ 2022 Moon Calendar helps you manage your life more mindfully, as you keep tabs on the lunar cycles with this beautiful map to get the very most out of your year.

How the Soul Weather Moon Calendar™ Works

Here’s an instructional video about using the Soul Weather Moon Calendar™ and cards. Syl Carson takes you through the process step-by-step. Once you receive your calendar and cards, take a half-hour to review the process. It’s really cool when you see how it relates to you personally. 

If you have any questions, you can email us and we’ll get back to you quickly. Remember to include your phone number if you want a call back.

About the Soul Weather Moon Calendar™ Cards

The Moon Calendar Cards are the keys to interpreting the Moon Calendar like a Pro. There are 10 cards to help you navigate the four primary cycles of the moon, (including both solar and lunar eclipses), and 12 constellation sign cards that enhance your understanding of the energy and season of each weekly moon phase. You only need to purchase them once, unless you need a replacement deck. Add the Moon Calendar Cards to your cart when you purchase your Moon Calendar, or click here to order just the cards.

Making the Most of Your Monthly Moon Cycles Online Class

You will get to join in on the perfect in-depth beginner’s guide on how to use the phases of the moon each month, and the celestial seasons of the sun all year to live a fully-centered, potent, connected, and abundant life. Imagine helping your family, friends, and loved ones do the same.  Syl provides an inspired introduction to the twelve constellations that govern the four seasons of the movement of Earth around our Sun. Learning to intentionally use these important seasons and phases will bring incredible depth and wonderful changes in both your everyday life and big-picture life path.

Are you ready to shift beyond the cultural triggers, stressors and personal challenges of our time and learn to maintain your energy on a higher plane? Click here to enroll in the “Making the Most of Your Monthly Moon Cycles” online class.