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    Our Online Yoga Class Vision

    At Bodhi Yoga, we sincerely believe that some yoga every single day is just as powerful as one or two, traditional 90-minute, weekly practices.  

    We are a group of over 3500 yogis, across the globe.  Many students who have found Syl through other programs over the years, have sent a steady stream of requests to practice more closely, and certify through Bodhi Yoga. We’re happy to say that Bodhi Yoga’s online center is our answer to your kind requests. 

    Our classes are honest, intimate and inspiring; no scripting, just an authentic bodhi yoga experience with the students, teachers and apprentices practicing within our global yoga neighborhood!

    Yoga Quick-fix: 6-28 minute online class

    Bodhi Yoga Quick Fix  

    6-28 minute online yoga classes for a “quick pick me up”.  Perfect for beginners, or advanced students that want to deepen through the basic, asana specific segments, meditations and more. Traditional yoga segments, as well as adaptive chair yoga, perfect for when you’re traveling, in a wheelchair, or simply taking a needed break from your computer time to breathe deep and release those tight hips and shoulder.

    Yoga Focus: 30-45 minute online class

    Yoga Focus

    30-45 minute online yoga classes that offer three distinct styles of daily yoga practice. Each is tailored to fit your need and mood, including:

    BodhiFlow Vinyasa- a slow rhythmic vinyasa class, flowing with your breath. Bring strength to flexibility, if joints are naturally “loosie-goosie”, and agility to “uber-tight” muscles. An evolution in power yoga, designed to naturally increase your vigor and stamina, the subtle aspect of the Pitta Dosha called TEJAS.

    The BodhiYin Restorative-for recovery from excessive activity or illness, filling your mind body well. Feel the deep power in the passive stretch, using blankets and bolsters. BodhiYin Restorative yoga is for increasing your immunity and vitality, the subtle aspect of the Kapha dosha called OJAS.

    BodhiSpin Chakra Energy-blossom energy when you need a boost in the mind or body. Awakening the connection through your seven chakra centers. BodhiSpin yoga class increases your energy and life-force. In Ayruveda this is the subtle aspect of Vata dosah called PRANA.

    Traditional Yoga Practice: 60-90 minutes

    Yoga Practice

    60-90 minute traditional yoga classes, BodhiFlow, BodhiYin, BodhiSpin.

  • Enroll in unlimited online classes for only $9.95 per-month!

    Seasons of Your Practice

    Seasons of  Your Practice Workshops  

    Four seasonal yoga workshops rotate, with the time of year, to support the rhythms of your life.  Information is shared on how to approach the energy of your yoga practice, maintain good seasonal health. Autumn-Winter, Winter-Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer-Autumn

    Introduction to Ayurveda

    Introduction to Ayurveda: The seven doshic combinations

    The medicinal system of yoga, Ayurveda teaches you to recognize your physical, mental, spiritual temperament-called your “dosha”. Learn to incorporate diet, choose the right yoga practices, heal doshic imbalances.

    You are more than simply a Vata, Pitta or Kapha.  This workshop series will give you real tools to understand the mind, spirit and body aspect of how the doshas work in you, the best approach to your diet for your body, and much more.  Ayurveda helps you live a more awakened life, as you discover renewal in maintaining: good mental health, spiritual centering and physical vitality.

    7 Chakras Mind & Body

    7 Chakras Mind & Body: An introduction to your awakened chakras

    Introduction from your Root to Crown chakras, rotates segments through the year, that teach you about the 7 Chakras your Mind & Body.  Learn too see the individuality of your own chakras, as well as how they work together, all Chakra 7 as ONE.  The Chakras come from the traditions of yoga, so it’s only natural to include them here in your online yoga membership. Fun, inspiring and profound, all at the same time.

    Vastu: Yoga for Your Home

    Vastu Yoga of Dwelling: for creating sacred spaces

    Using Vastu, the “yoga for your dwelling”, you discover the sacred code to align your physical surroundings with the mind-body abundance that comes from practicing yoga.  Learn the art of bringing the everyday sacred into your surroundings.  Inspired support for creating a healthy flow of prana (life-force), in your home, work, event space and more.

  •  Enroll in unlimited online classes for only $9.95 per-month!

    Our Intention for Adaptive Yoga Therapies

    Yoga has something to offer everyone.  One of the most beautiful things about the practice, is that anything that unites us more fully with our essence is a “yoga”.  Circumstances in life that hold us in the conversations with Adversity, are often hidden opportunities to increase our rapport in ways that we may not otherwise choose.

    Our adaptive yoga classes and workshops are an experiential opportunity to bring yoga to those who need support at challenging times.

    Chair Yoga Segments

    Chair Yoga Practice

    6-20 minute online yoga classes that help you keep your body and mind balanced at work, travel, or from a wheelchair. Great for students that are new to yoga and would like to ease their way into better health, or simply get a quick-fix to relieve tight hips and shoulders from sitting at the computer!

    Yoga for Depression and Stress

    Yoga for Depression and Stress  

    A variety of classes, that will help ease symptoms ranging from the good old fashioned “blues”, to chronic depression.  Also discussion, yoga and meditation classes that help with long or short term post-traumatic stress and grieving.

    Yoga for Cancer

    Yoga for Cancer: The Yoga of Adversity

    Bodhi Yoga founder, Syl Carson has first-hand experience with an invasive breast cancer diagnosis. Her segments regarding this sensitive and very personal experience of navigating breast cancer treatments are intensely honest, intimate and inspiring.

    These segments were filmed at various stages in her journey and goyogaonline.com is honored to share them with anyone going through any kind of adversity. An intimate time, offering support to individuals at any stage in the conversation with cancer, as well as their loved ones and care givers.

  •  Enroll in unlimited online classes for only $9.95 per-month!

    The Yoga of Taste

    The Yogic Approach to Food

    Our online cooking video segments help bring your diet & lifestyle into integrity with your yoga practice.  Learn recipes that taste great and support a healthy digestion, weight-loss and doshic balance. The segments perpetually rotate with the season.

    Seasonal Recipes

    Eating to Honor Your Season

    A perpetual video blog of recipes that teach you what each ingredient does for you nutritionally, to inspire a more healthy life. Learn to incorporate the dosha component into your diet and create a kitchen that honors the rhythm of each season in support of your well-being.

    New recipes cycle bi-monthly, each Autumn-Winter, Winter-Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer-Autumn. You will love the changes you see in your physical shape and mental outlook, through our Dharmic approach to food.

    Ayurvedic Cooking

    The Right Diet for Your Dosha

    Learn to make the basics in an Ayurvedic diet, like Ghee, Spiced Milk, and a variety of rotating Kichari.  Incorporating an Ayurvedic approach to food will help you understand, the art of learning to maintain your individual doshic balance.  Honoring the seasons of your body, and overall health in your diet and transforming your emotional approach to food. 

    Yoga Cleanse

    Seasonal Yoga Cleansing

    Our seasonal cleansing support segments teach you what food your body will respond best, and the best time of the year to eat certain diets.  Learn other tools for helping the shape of your body, mind and soul, at the times of the year when cleansing is ideal.

  • Live too far to certify in person?  Let’s us make your Bodhi Yoga certification a reality!

    Online Yoga and Energy Healing Certification with Bodhi Yoga

    A journey beyond the practice

    This branch of the Bodhi Yoga tree, is for three kinds of yogis, who are ready to move beyond the monthly $9.95 membership and become certified to teach and practice privately with clients:

    First, for those of you who are already certified and would like clear karma, to teach what you learn at goyogaonline.com.

    Second, for those of you who have already certified through Bodhi Yoga in person, and would like to access our trainings and new techniques. As well as, current in-person Bodhi Yoga graduate candidates, to fulfill your follow-up requirements for certification.

    Third, for those of you who are ready to embark on one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher, energy healer and/or chakra therapy certifications available, online or in person.

    Bodhi Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification

    Answering the Call to Teach

    One of the most comprehensive in the country, you will dive deep into the wisdom and power of Bodhi Yoga. Our 500-page manual includes five sessions: 1-Breath, Bone and Gesture, Intro to Asana, and History of Yoga. 2-Anatomy of Movement & 12 Climates of the Body, Contexts of Practice, Teaching the BodhiFlow, BodhiSpin, BodhiYin. 3-Wisdom of Ayurveda, Natural Progression of Yoga Asana, Advancing in the Practice, Hands-on Adjusting using Thai Partner Yoga. 4-Discovering Your Voice, Emotions of Movement, Teaching the Language of movement, Sacred Sanskrit Chant. 5-Choosing your Path, Teaching Specialized Classes, Energy Healing Aspects of Yoga.

    This Certification is in-production now. Available April 2013 or before

    Quan.TM Energy Healer Certification

    Holographic Healing

    A special certification for yoga teachers, energy healers, cognitive therapist, or individuals joining in for themselves and their families.  

    Quan.TM is an energy healing protocol, using a facilitated meditation, through yoga nidra practices, to help clients one on one clear emotional, mental and physical distortions and heal effects from post-traumatic stress. The premise of Quan.TM Holographic Healing is that we rest the thinking mind. Using a special meditative protocol, we create a dialog between the sub-consious mind and the deeper wisdom of the essential self. An effective energy healing meditation technique for realizing the best and brightest in our potential.

    This Certification is in post-production now. Available January 2013 or before

    Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapist Certification

    Advanced therapeutic practices for the chakras

    Perfect for anyone who is teaching yoga, massage, energy healing, traditional cognitive therapy, and individuals who are simply ready to evolve. This training shares new and enlightened perspectives when it comes making the most of life. We learn over 42 Chakra perspectives each with four applicable therapies. Yes that is 168 applicable therapies to have in your energy tool kit. Each one, as enlightened as the next, will change both your life and the individuality of your client’s life in profound ways. Our 200-page manual, Chakra-deck, and chakra essential oil sample kit, with 28 essential oils will advance your understanding and chakra healing to the mastery level.

    This Certification is pre-production now. Available August 2013 or before

Our unlimited online classes and workshops are FREE to in-person students that enroll in our annual or semi-annual Bodhi Yoga monthly membership contract.  Learn more about becoming an in-person member of Bodhi Yoga HERE.