Restorative Partner Yoga - Session 2

10-Sense Nadi Lines for advanced hands-on adjusting & Restorative Partner Yoga Sessions:
Syl teaches you how to offer inspired private yoga classes, that include a variety of intuitive healing
& 10-Sense Nadi line restorative partner yoga poses, as well as subtle advanced
ayurvedic dosha specific RPY yoga sessions and workshops.

2-01 Form & Essence

 In-depth introduction to RPY at the energetic level, including the energy body, important…

2-02 Subtle Doshas

Learn the subtle aspects of each of the three doshas, as Syl takes…

2-03 Ayurvedic Srotas

An in-depth discussion that introduces you to 15 channels of restorative partner yoga's nadis,…

2-12 Mapping Touch Nadi

Mapping out 10-Sense Touch Nadi (Sen Nanthakrawat-Khitchana) as Syl gives you an introduction…

2-14 Nadi Line Part 1

10-Sense Nadi Line Sequence Part-1 takes you from initial touch-to 10-Sense belly-work.  Sections 1-6 on…

Restorative Partner Yoga Session Two Follow-up:

Practice teaching regular yoga classes using a 10-Sense Energy Line approach to yoga poses,  partner yoga, and hands-on adjusting in both your private and group yoga classes.