Restorative Partner Yoga - Session Three

Syl teaches you how to develop your expertise in Restorative Partner Yoga (RPY) as a treasured part of offering your regular yoga class students in-depth hands-on adjustments in class as well as offering 90-min to 2-hour Restorative Partner Yoga Sessions that will advance their practice beyond what is reachable alone!

3-02 Specialized Techniques

Syl teaches how to integrate specialized hands-on adjusting techniques that support an ever-expanding Restorative Partner…

3-04 RPY Chakra Deck

Learn how to use your Chakra Deck™ and approach restorative partner yoga from a chakra therapy perspective.…

3-05 RPY Phase 1

Learn how to blend the RPY adjustments for Phase 1, using both Marma Points and…

Restorative Hands-on-Adjusting Partner Yoga Session 3 Follow-up:

In addition to viewing all the classes above, read-review Session 3 in your manual and familiarize yourself with the Marma Point Reference Manual.  PLEASE NOTE:  When you begin working with Private RPY Session yoga students and using these techniques in your regular yoga classes and workshops, keep in mind that as a beginner, it is incumbent upon you to begin this work with students that are in basic good health.  When you begin working with the Dhatu or Prenatal approach, begin with students who are not on the “high-risk” spectrum of any of these conditions.  Always be clear that you are NEVER to present yourself as “diagnosing” ANY condition.  These practices are for working with students who have ALREADY been diagnosed by a licensed health-care professional-OB-GYN and you have a doctor’s consent form completed.