QuanTM Yoga Nidra: A Holographic Healer Certification

For Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Energy Healers, Life Coaches, Liscenced Therapists, and YOU!

Join in and learn guide to students and clients through deep Bodhi Yoga style REST™:
“Restorative Emotional Strength Training” using this potent form of Holographic Healing,
as you help them clear limitations and develope the ability to thrive in life.

Join in person, or simply enroll and complete your certification long-distance:

Once enrolled, you will be shipped your 150-page Quan.TM Yoga Nidra Manual, you will be able to log in
and begin streaming this wonderful Holographic Healer’s Yoga Nidra training immediately

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Become a Field of Consciousness Yoga Nidra Facilitator, learning for yourself and creating
a more abundant life, by working with loved ones and clients

An explanation of Holographic Yoga Nidra Healing we call: Quan.TM

3-way Approach to True Healing”]emotions by nature move, that’s why we call them “E-MOTIONS”.  Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation facilitated meditation that helps to clear out emotional blocks, sub-conscious stress, and excessive emotional responses by allowing a three-step process:  Seek to be able to feel what we honestly feel, vent the energy that charges our emotional distress and learn the essential truth about our self that transforms both our inner and outer circumstances.

Facilitating sessions for clients, or healing yourself, using QuanTM combines a powerful meditation protocol, that not only clears the stress but removes future triggers.

What is Holographic Healing?

A hologram is the big picture, reflected in every tiny piece of the image.  Emotions are not simply compartmentalized feelings, they are all interlaced with our past, present, and future potential.

Bodhi Yoga’s QuanTM Yoga Nidra Facilitator Certification teaches you how to help clients find the healing that is already an essential part of who they are.  The protocol is set within a facilitated meditation session.  During our training, you will learn for yourself how to reach a deeply healing state of being, called Yoga Nidra.  

You will learn how to gently coach your clients into this place and using the QuanTM Protocol, guide them into an in-depth dialogue between their subconscious mind that is holding the energy charge and their essential self that is already whole and connected.

Yoga Nidra Facilitated Meditation:

Yoga Nidra is Sanskrit for yogic sleep; a conscious healing rest.  In yoga nidra the underpinnings of Karma (called sankaras) are evaporated into your essential truths.  When we allow the essence of who we are to move to our surface, we are free to use the full measure of our agency to reach new potentials within the huge gift of our physical lifetime.

“Enrolling in the Quan.TM training with Syl has been pure and simply life-changing for me. Once I learned to do it on my own it is free and always accessible to me.  Having the privilege of sharing that with others as a facilitator, has been priceless.  They arrive with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave glowing and empowered”

– Nicole Siple, Greening Place Yoga & Meditation, Caldwell, Idaho[/one_half_last][/tab]

Included in your Certification Tuition:

150 page Quan.TM Protocol Manual and Certification Plan Packet
As many in-person weekends as you want to attend!

QuanTM Training Follow-up Hours completed on gobodhiyoga.com & in your own at-home practice:

7 hours Private Healing-Meditation Philosophy
20 hours Yoga Practice
20 hours Meditation Yoga Nidra Practice
10 hours Private Session Ethics and Boundaries
50 hours Practicum Sessions with Feedback Forms
12 Certification Follow-up blogging entries

Why should I add this certification to my current practice?

Learn one of the most powerful and effective tools (that you will also love using for yourself to stay clear with your clients)

Deepen your understanding of the healing power of meditation, and gain the ability to teach a variety of meditation styles to your clients

Experience (in-person or long-distance) an incredibly healing and life-changing retreat

Gain a deepened understanding of the bio-development of meditation and how it manifests through the body

“I have been working with a client who stuggles with DID (dissociative identity disorder) for nearly a decade. After learning this technique, in one sesssion she integrated three parts. I am really glad to have this tool to use in my practice.” -Rex Kocherhans, Liscensed Marriage and Family Therapist /LCSW 


Enjoy a FREE 25-minute class on this amazing Yoga Nidra Holographic Healing Technique:

Revealing the essence of your potential

You can become certified in QuanTM Yoga Nidra Holographic Healing Meditation & R.E.S.T  (Resilient Emotional Strength Training) Technique™ and begin to build a clientele.  

As a yoga teacher, doing this certification gives you the option of increasing your income, while ofter something worthwhile to your yoga students.  

Once certified private sessions run from $80-140. for a 90-minute to the two-hour session, and make it possible for you to make a living as a yoga teacher.  

Advancing your skill as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or traditional licensed therapist with this potent facilitated meditation, you are increasing all healers’ viability as an important and valued profession, in a world that is in need of a shift into greater emotional literacy and energetic integrity.

Group QuanTM Yoga Nidra Weekend Gathering Schedule:

We meet in person 3-times annually for you to have the option of coming and fine-tuning your skills, as well as getting your own QuanTM tune-up!  These dates are mutually agreed upon on our private QuanTM Facebook Group.

This program manual comes to you, to learn in your home, with the entire training STREAMING ONLINE NOW!




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