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Here is a list of yoga class memberships, yoga events, and certifications offered through Bodhi Yoga. Please call 801.372.5775 or contact us if you have any questions. To purchase clothing and gear, please visit the Bodhi Yoga store.

Online Bodhi Yoga Classes

Unlimited streaming online yoga
$9.95 per month, renews automatically

Bodhi Yoga Classes (Provo, Utah)

Annual Membership
$49 per month, renews automatically
6 Month Membership
$60 per month, renews automatically
1 Month Membership
$90 per month, renews automatically
2 Week Trial Membership
$30 per month, does not renew
Single Yoga Class
$12 one time, does not renew

Bodhi Yoga Center Events

Winter Solstice Meditation
$40 (guest included)
New Year Meditation
$40 (guest included)
Winter Solstice and New Year Meditations
$60 (guest included)

Bodhi Yoga Certifications

Yoga Teacher Tuition
(full payment, includes $200 discount)
Yoga Teacher Tuition Deposit
Yoga Teacher Tuition Balance

Continuing Education Enrollment (CE)

Yoga Teacher CE: Online
$9.95 monthly, automatically renews
Yoga Teacher CE: Center
$49 monthly, automatically renews