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Soul Weather Astrology Session 2: Transits, Aspects & Aspect Patterns

1 – Natal Charts 2 – Aspect-Transits 3 – Returns Planet Index Sign Index House Index Node-Axis Index Aspect-Pattern Index

Session Two helps you learn how current Soul Weather affects your entire chart,
how the planetary movements communicate with each other
and can increase your awareness and agency!

Map out your Natal aspects and Aspect Patterns

1-MAPPING YOUR PRIMARY ASPECTS & PATTERNS: Learn aspect interpretations for Sun-Moon-Rising-Nodes.

2–MAPPING YOUR PERSONAL PLANET ASPECTS & PATTERNS: Learn aspect interpretations for Mars-Venus-Asteroids.

3–MAPPING YOUR SOCIAL-BRIDGE ASPECTS & PATTERNS: Learn your Natal Juipter-Saturn-aspects and how you relate to your society.

4–MAPPING YOUR TRANSPERSONAL ASPECTS & PATTERNS: Learn your long-term generational story by Sign-House.

Learning how to use the planetary energies through Transits & Aspects

Online Yoga Classes perfect for introducing you to the Bodhi Yoga™
approach to Natal Chart Soul Weather™ readings!
Simply log-in with your internet t.v., computer, tablet or smartphone.

5-INTRO TO TRANSITS & ASPECTS: Learn basics for natal aspects & transits to your birth chart.

6-CONJUNCTION ASPECTS & GENIUS POINT PATTERN:  using your natal chart placements cooperatively.

7-SEXTILE ASPECTS & INCONJUNCT (QUINCUNX) ASPECTS: Life-adjustments-ego shifts to open up synergistic flow.

8-YOD ASPECT PATTERN: YOD, the Divine Finger of God, pointing you to embrace your path.

9-INTRO TO SQUARE ASPECTS: Basics for natal aspects that create inner-stress to grow from.

10-TRINE ASPECT & GRAND TRINE ASPECT PATTERNS:  Approaching your natural flows more consciously.

11-OPPOSITION ASPECTS:  Learning to create balance out of outward life-opposing tension.

12-T-SQUARE ASPECT PATTERNS:  Creating balance from inner-tension opposing outward life circumstances.

13-INTRO TO KITE ASPECT PATTERNS: Learn to recognize and channel abundant flow more consciously.

14-INTRO TO GRAND CROSS ASPECT PATTERNS: Master centering amidst inner-struggle and outer stressors.

15-INTRO TO MYSTIC RECTANGLE ASPECT PATTERNS: Learn to transform outer-opposing energies into strength and flow.

16-GRAND SEXTILE ASPECT PATTERNS: Learn to become fully conscious of your ability to channel flow, balance and divine stewardships.

Discussion Classes include monthly follow-up meetings with Syl to answer question and deepen your Soul Weather mastery

17-DISCUSSION ON READING CURRENT TRANSITS: Talk over how to read a current transits & recognize real life patterns

18-DISCUSSION ON GENERATIONAL PLANETS: Syl reviews the role a transpersonal planet plays on a generation.

19-DISCUSSION ON VENUS & MERCURY RETROGRADE: Using retrograde as an opportunity for chakra alignment.


If you are wanting to become SWA Certified: Complete viewing all of the classes above, notating and clarifying any questions in your certification packet PDF (downloadable from our Private Soul Weather Astrology Facebook page).

Once the Session Two requirements are completed and you have a basic understanding you are qualified to begin practicing readings for friends, family or clients doing simple interpretations, with introductory aspect and aspect pattern interpretations.

It takes having a GOOD GRASP on all planets, signs and houses BEFORE you begin interpreting aspects and aspect patterns appropriately.  Remember:  The planets, signs and houses feel incredibly validating, BUT understanding how to interpret aspects and aspect patterns adeptly will help your clients know WHAT TO DO with the natal map they originally came to work with.  This will take you into the life-coaching aspect of interpreting, as well as the intuitive aspect of astrology and this is where many can venture off track and do more harm than good.

Make sure you are settled and qualified, that you fully understand where you would need/be required to have state licensure  to give counsel vs. simple life coaching.  WE COVER THIS IN CLASSES ABOVE!

I suggest offering initial sessions at a discounted rate while certifying (letting them know that once certified, your sessions rates will increase).  Begin by doing adding in aspect interpretations, you may want to tier your compensation/rates accordingly, because these sessions will take more time.

REMEMBER:  Take any questions that arise to our private Facebook Soul Weather™ Group and we will help feel supported in your studies as you grow in your skills!

If you are just window shopping above, feel free to join in when the time is RIPE by ENROLLING ANYTIME:

The following two classes are optional, as the content-layout has changed, but the information and discussion are incredibly valuable.

Your Soul Weather™ programs ALSO stream online, and include the following
(so no need to wait to enroll):

Soul Weather™ Training Tuition Includes the Following:

– 60+ hours of in-depth online Soul Weather classes that give you expertise in Natal Charts, Transits, Aspects & Aspect Patterns, Planetary Cycles & Returns (including how to read Solar Returns) for your self, your children & loved ones and professionally with clients.
– Soul Weather Laminated Quick Reference Kit
– Getting to Know Your Natal Chart Workbook
– Getting to Know Your Solar Return Chart Workbook
– 4 versions of your Laminated Natal Chart
– Free admission to our annual in-person (or Zoom gathering)

Also, on the Soul Weather™, the local enrollees have wanted more time together on this, so we have been meeting at my house the first several months throughout the year, from 6-9pm (at no additional charge, just optional, out of the goodness of my heart,  because I love spending time with you all in this wonderful study!)

So join now, begin study and support with online classes, in-person events and occasional Zoom gatherings!

Syl also administrates a private FaceBook group as a extra free-bee, optional bonus, for those Soul Weather Astrology Enrollees who would like to follow her 25+ years of experienced interpretations of current daily, monthly and annual planetary transits, moon-cycles, trends to help you grow in your understanding and learn from each other in real-time.

If certification is your intention, this training will give you the experience to work with clients comfortably, one-on-one.  A typical private Soul-Weather Session runs in a range from $80-$150 per-session, so your initial investment in this program is well worth the returns that come, both financially and for the Soul!

Get started any time and learn at you own pace!

Online Classes, Online comprehensive Astrologer’s reference library for working with friends, family, clients individually:  $950.00

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Wow. I have been struggling for a while now, in practically every area of my life. And through a series of events, I was prompted to listen to the recording you/we made of my natal chart(s). I did this today and HOLY BUCKETS. What an amazing gift. I cried through most of it as I was reminded of all the things I need to feel, hear, say, and DO—or not do. Thank you, thank you for this gift—and for all you have gone through to learn how to deliver this to me and others searching for the deeper meaning and comfort it can provide.

Syl’s Natal Chart Client