“Contentment is my Passion”

Syl offers three complimentary modalities to help her clients reach a space of both personal potential, peace and contentment in their lives.

Each option she offers, has the recurring theme of assisting you in awakening your personal awareness, making real, practical, improvement, in both your outlook and circumstance.  Syl’s primary aim is that the results you gain from your private session with her will leave you feeling markedly better than when you arrive and give you a personalized catalyst that will assist you in experiencing the support, self-understanding and transformation you seek.

Sessions with Syl are available by phone-web (with exception of a QuanTM or  Restorative Partner Yoga)  Read more about Syl here

  • Learn your life’s Soul Weather Mapping

    In person, or by webinar-phone, Syl is a yogi-philosopher, with over 25-years experience interpreting Natal and Solar Chart readings.  Your session with her is a great way to develop a proactive and mindful approach to your life.

    Your Natal Chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were born.
    Your Solar Return Chart is a snapshot of your year, from birthday-to-birthday.

    When we look at the planetary positions in the heavens at the exact moment you came into this world, it is not only a snapshot of your outer sky, but also a reflection of your inner sky–YOUR SOUL!

    Metaphorically, your Natal Chart is reminiscent of the planning meeting you had with your Source right before you were born.  Your natal chart offers you a unique reflection of what that conversation just may have been about.  If you took that conversation year by year, your Solar Return would be a great mirror.

    Each Solar Return expires at each birthday and a new 356-day map is set in the heavens! Each year, you have an opportunity to learn perspectives and advance your growth exponentially, if you are able to gain the awareness.  Your Solar Return each year gives you that map!

    Here’s free video that gives you a taste of Syl’s take on understanding astrology basics:

    Natal Chart Reading - Recommended you do this with Syl prior to Solar Return

    Solar Chart Reading - Recommended during your birthday month

  • Chakra Therapy In-person Sessions or Private Webinar


    Syl offers private chakra therapy sessions to help you understand how to clear blocks and align your chakras to begin working together in a way that is so unique to you, that it creates the shifts in your life which you seek.  Using the Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™ you will discover how to reach your potential in a way that feel natural to you.

    You can join her in-person at Bodhi Yoga, or schedule a webinar session.  Syl will send you all the information you need, to meet her by high-speed internet.  She will share her desktop with you, so you can both see the cards and learn how to go deeper in your chakra healing than you ever imagined.  You will also receive a link to download your session, for later viewing, and lasting support.

  •  Private Therapeutic Partner Yoga Session

    (Syl is currently not accepting new Private Partner Yoga clients, other than students who are currently enrolled in Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training or Therapeutic Partner Yoga Certification Programs)


    Syl guides you through a private yoga session, using a symbiotic partner yoga hands on adjusting choreography.  You will both (Syl as giver and you as receiver) feel the benefits of the assisted restorative yoga stretching and pressing of marma-points (vital life points in Ayruveda) and energy lines in the body.

    Syl uses specific yoga poses partnered up in a restorative sequence that is personally tailored to your Dosha and chronic problem areas.  A good partner yoga practice is good “medicine” (the yoga-Ayurvedic kind) that yokes your body, mind and soul.  You will end with Savasana and leave feeling more relaxed and open than following a traditional yoga class, where you may receive just one or two hands on adjustments.

    Fantastic way to avoid injury from being active with tight muscles, or to heal when your energy dives low or mind feels a tinge of depression.  Marma-point therapy within your private restorative partneryoga practice will leaving you feeling centered, peaceful and optimistic about the way you approach your yoga classes as well as open up and clear problem tight areas, body and soul.

  • QuanTM Facilitated Meditation for Holographic Healing


    Private Sessions in person with Syl, to clear emotional distress through the Quan.TM facilitated Meditation technique, that helps you reach new levels of emotional freedom. How does it do this?  Through a facilitated meditation that helps you reach deeper and deeper states of something called: “Yoga Nidra”, meaning “sleep of the yogi”.  Sleep is where we naturally rebalance, however, modern living has made it more difficult to get a good night’s rest (where your mind-spirit has a chance to work though energy that has built up during the day and to reprocess you into a better place by morning).  When we don’t get the chance to rebalance, emotions, stressors and even past traumas can build up in the body and eventually cause all sorts of problems (in both physical and emotional health).  QuanTM Holographic Healing is a guided technique which helps you clear that stress and lean the Essential Truths that your body-mind is trying to help you break through to.

    What is Quan.TM Holographic healing?

    Syl teaches also teaches you how to do your own gentle clearing at home, between sessions using “Quan.TM detox”. You can literally download waves of physical, emotional, spiritual baggage while you get an afternoon “detox nap” and synchronize with the wisest, strongest, healthiest place in you.

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If you need a follow-up discussion, you may schedule with Syl in 1-hour-$100. increments  Please schedule by emailing: syl@gobodhiyoga.com

Including Individual Chart Reading, Chakra Therapy
& QuanTM Holographic Energy Healing
90min-2hour session


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If you need a follow-up discussion, you may schedule with Syl in 1-hour-$100. increments  Please schedule by emailing: syl@gobodhiyoga.com

Couples Composite Chart Readings,
Private Restorative Partner Yoga
(wear layered yoga clothing)
90min-2hour session


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Includes a consultation on specific yoga regimen, personalized to your individual body, with follow-up tips for your Ayurvedic dosha (biological constitution).

Once you have paid for your session, email info@gobodhiyoga.com, Syl will reply within 24-hours to set up your appointment date and time.  Please keep in mind that Syl is usually booked ahead 3-4 weeks, with a waiting list, thus “no-shows” will forfeit session fee.

If you are interested in traditional Thai Massage, Bodhi Yoga’s LMT is Jami Stillwell is certified in Traditional “Nuad Bo Rarn” 801-368-8849