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Session One is being filmed and loaded up as we speak!  We discover the two primary aspects of giving dosha specific hands-on adjustments and inspired massage techniques (for LMTs).

Ayurveda & Marma Point Therapy

    – history & origins of Therapeutic Partner Yoga
    – cosmology & anatomy of Mind, Body & Spirit connection
    – advanced philosophy of Gunas & Primary Gross Doshas
    – prakruti & vikruti: the balance vs. imbalance approach to yoga & life
    – doshic imbalance & six-stages of disease
    – yoga therapy for disturbance in the seven tissues (dhatus)

    – in-depth marmas in yoga asana & partner yoga
    – seven techniques of marma-point therapy
    – marmas: regions & 38 partner-yoga points
    – anatomy of marma-points in advancing a yoga pose
    –  40 individual hands-on adjustments
    – 1-hour private Therapeutic Partner Private Yoga Class Sequence


Paul E. Muller Ortega Ph.D. has said: ‘A traditional, long-standing cosmology, says that long ago, there arose a vast hierarchy of planes of existance…Within such a framework, a myriad of beings who inhabit those planes, chose to arise, at some long distant moment in time; the cumulative of which makes up the support of life itself and very pulsation of the heart, in absolute.’  The work we do as Partner Yoga Therapists, is to learn to assist others in continually evolving, through complex and exquisitely intricate samsaric movements.  Being born, reorganized and reborn again, through this beautifully healing and synergistic partner yoga practice.

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder