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Session Three online followup support classes are in pre-production. Putting all you’ve learned into practice will be easy to remember as you refer back to a variety of Therapeutic Partner Yoga workshop sequences for groups.

Guided Partner Yoga Workshops &
90-min Private Partner Yoga Class 

    – Working effectively within a Yoga Workshop Setting
    – Valentine’s Guided Partner Yoga
    – Team-Building Partner Yoga
    – Cancer Patient & Family Therapeutic Partner Yoga
    – BodhiKids Partner Yoga

    Once complete, you’ll be able to offer a Private Therapeutic Partner Yoga class, with a skillful Bodhi Yoga Therapist knowledge base.

    As you begin to build your private session-class and workshop clientele and enjoy doing this rewarding work, you will discover that your experience during these three sessions strengthens you yoga practice and reaches into every aspect of your life!


When we blend the Marma, Energy Lines and Partner Yoga Therapies together, we reveal a more comprehensive yoga experience.  Cultivating the capacity to honor the spirit of this work is truly an opportunity to immerse our lives in the Healer’s Art; to be able to make a living for ourselves, as we benefit our student-clients in lasting ways.  It’s such A wonderfully beautiful exchange!

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder