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Session Two online followup support classes are in pre-production. We discover the 10 Energy Line Therapy and  subtle aspect of the doshas with intricately inspired hands-on adjustments & massage techniques (for LMTs).

Subtle Energy of Your Doshas
& 10 Sense Therapeutic Partner Yoga

    – history & origins of Therapeutic Partner Yoga
    – cosmology & anatomy of Mind, Body & Spirit connection
    – advanced philosophy of Gunas & Primary Gross Doshas
    – prakruti & vikruti: the balance vs. imbalance approach to yoga & life
    – doshic imbalance & six-stages of disease
    – yoga therapy for disturbance in the seven tissues (dhatus)

    – in-depth marmas in yoga asana & partner yoga
    – seven techniques of marma-point therapy
    – marmas: regions & 38 partner-yoga points
    – anatomy of marma-points in advancing a yoga pose
    –  40 individual hands-on adjustments
    – 1-hour private Therapeutic Partner Private Yoga Class Sequence


Every cell that makes up every layer of tissue is governed by the flow of life-force.  It’s this subtle aspect of the doshas that helps the spirit and body co-exist harmonically.  When this flow is in rhythm with our overall well-being (prakruti), we learn first-hand that the more subtle the movement, the farther reaching it’s effect.

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder