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Syl’s Labyrinth

Walking an Awakened Path

The Labyrinth is a symbol for THE PATH of life that we all walk in one way or another. Walking a Labyrinth, is a meditative, spiritual tool for learning to walk through life more awakened, body, mind and soul.

A labyrinth, simply put, is a walking prayer wheel. As you wind your way through the straight and narrow, that is also one Eternal round, the path guides you in all different directions. You’re never facing the same way for a very long and the turns and curves come unanticipated. Each step you take makes you let go of the way you think things should be and turn your will over to God-Source, so by the time you get to the center, you are more open and receptive than you would otherwise be on your own.

In the center of this walking labyrinth, if you clap your hands there’s a resonant echo, that goes flat as soon as you start to clap them over the outer rings, indicating a energetic funnel pouring in where you see the grass reaching a Heavenward.  In Energy Healing language: The center of this sacred space holds an electromagnetic channel that activates both the liberating and manifesting current of your chakras.

It is important to do your best to simply remain open and receptive, while taking the time you need in the center of this powerful and sacred space.

Once you feel complete in the center, you wind your way back out, with the ability to feel surrendered (a conduit or channel) to the divine support that was pouring through you in there. On your journey outward, you begin to understand the metaphors you were learning on the path. By the time you’re ready to step out, the way you stepped in, (having completed your meditative prayer cycle), everything has changed.


Watch how Syl’ Created this Sacred Space here:

Tips for Walking this Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a symbol for THE PATH of life that we all walk in one way or another. Walking a Labyrinth, is a meditative, spiritual tool for learning to walk through life more awakened, body, mind and soul. The Labyrinth simply put, is a walking prayer wheel; a symbol that has been found in many cultures, over thousands of years—a universal symbol for the path into truth and self-knowledge.

When walking the labyrinth, you will find your perspective is constantly changing. Your mind’s tendency to fall into old patterns is interrupted, as you are repeatedly lead into, and away from, the direction you think you should be heading. Your vision and body are never facing the same direction for long; a technique to coax your inner-knowing outward, as you begin to let go of your outcome based expectations and start to trust that the path will eventually lead you into the center.

During your walking meditation, through the Labyrinth, you will repeatedly head in the four directions of east, west, north, south—a message that the support you need to take you through life, can come from any direction, person or place.

Once in the labyrinth, you cannot go in the wrong direction, unless you give up entirely. You will find no dead-ends to block you or strategic choices, it is not a maze meant to test you like that, but a path to lead you into more of who YOU REALLY ARE.

After you spend the time you need in the “center” and begin out again, you will feel yourself begin to relax along the meandering, smooth lines, drawing you back and forth, inward and outward, you are gently nudged further and further; having moved in through the center then back out again.

It’s no mistake that this ancient symbol resembles a cross-section of the human brain.

Three Stages to Walking the Labyrinth:

There are 3 stages to a Labyrinth walk, that mirror the three stages of prayer:

Stage One—Purgation:

A gentle (or not so gentle) challenge to your ego-self to turn your will and direction over to the path, to be guided in each step, as you slowly become more willing to opening, to releasing and letting go of the details of your life. A sacred cleansing of your attachments and naturally occurring habits toward outcome-based expectations and conditions we tend to put on life begins to occur.

Stage Two—Illumination:

When you reach the center, you reach a sacred place of openness, meditation and prayer, set aside for you to be more open and able to receive whatever insights or guidance.. The Center is for receiving. There are three stones that remain there. These are Syl’s (mine) archetypal stones representing receptivity; body, mind and spirit. The three center stones also represent my three most important loves, simultaneously my greatest teachers (please take care not to move these three stones, as they also represent the body-mind-spirit connection of whomever is in the center, in their own meditation).

Stage Three—Oneness:

Joining with your Higher Power, God-Source, the healing forces at work in the world, as you wind more calmly outward. Completing the path, by going out the same way you came into the center, yet not the same, changed, more awakened, closer to your Essential-Self. This is the space for sending out your intentions and desires. Every time you complete your labyrinth journey, you are brought “full-circle”, with new insights into who you really are, and where your path can lead you into a more exemplary, honest (body, mind, spirit) and “well-lived” life.

Understanding Sacred Spaces:

Any Sacred Space has a life and energy of its own, in essence, it is alive. Nature itself, is already a vibrational match with the Sacred and will respond to it. That is why, with this Labyrinth, the center has a circle of green grass. It was here in the yard before the Labyrinth was built around it. The center is not watered, has no water source, yet remains alive and green. This is an indication that there is a vortex of life-giving energy at play here. A vortex is a fancy word for Gate, between earth and heaven, yang and yin, thought and matter; a place were paradox has the potential to resolve and insights to occur. When in the center, you are at the apex of this so called “vortex” and you will hear that you are in the center of a funnel, as your voice will echo back toward you, when you speak, or clap your hands.

The configuration of a Labyrinth itself is a literal expression of Divine resolution and the nature of God. In many spiritual traditions, God’s way is described as “straight and narrow”, while being simultaneously, “One Eternal round”. In many ancient traditions, the circle represents heaven and the square (or cross) represents matter or earth. A Labyrinth resolves the separateness of heaven and earth. The symbol of the circle and the square being ONE, signifies the marriage of both heaven and earth flowing simultaneously through the person walking it.

Several elements come together to create any Sacred Space and assist in giving it it’s energy:

First, a field of attraction, an electromagnetic charge is what makes this occur. A Labyrinth’s inherent spiral is the symbol of nature’s movement and will have a galvanizing effect on the space. This labyrinth is a “natural” labyrinth, meaning inseparable from it’s surrounding natural environment, using only organic earth elements. In short, the spiral is nature’s expression of the sacred field of body-mind-spirit consciousness working as one.

Second, the stones hold the energy of water (created over thousands of years in relation to it), they serve as a conduit for this flow to naturally occur; creating a soothing interplay between Spirit and Body.

Lastly, there is the energy of the ones who created this space and those who walk this path, within it’s contemplative tradition. The energy of all who participate, the life-force and love they’ve infused it with, as it was brought into being, as well as intentions and insights, all increase it’s depth of Sacredness. While in your labyrinth walk, it is important not to move, or take any stones. Many stones have come from places like Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Camino de Santiago and many other labyrinths from around the world. Many stones are holding the place for others who are healing cancer, clearing emotional strain and stress and for personal journeys that they are currently working through.

Walking this labyrinth with others is a beautiful experience. As you find the need to pass each other going opposite directions on the same ring of the path, simply hold each other’s left-forearms and allow each of you to keep your left-foot on the path, as you step your outer foot on the next ring. This way, you help each other both stay on the path, while you exchange places and move on your respective directions.

Because a Sacred Space is alive, it is important to be able to be prepared to become a vibrational match, to tolerate the energy it offers, before entering. If you enter a Sacred Space and you are unable to be a match to it’s frequency, it can bring up more than you are prepared for and leave you feeling a little “fried”. Paying attention to when the time feels “ripe” for you to experience such a place, is always very important and will also determine the level of benefit you receive from your experience. Each time you walk the labyrinth, you become more naturally empowered to find and do the work you feel your soul is reaching for. The intention you take with you, will help determine the energy and experience you will have; however, you can also just enter your Labyrinth walk “open” to whatever you are supposed to experience. If no intention comes to mind, you can always allow the general intention, set by me when creating this particular Labyrinth, pour in to guide you as well–That it be a place of Healing, Enlightenment, Prosperity and Peace.

You can read more about the four quadrants of Healing-Enlightenment-Prosperity-Peace which make up this lovely Labyrinth at: