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Saṃsāra: Moon Cycles with Syl Carson


Saṃ●sāra (Sam-sar-ah), v.
1- the continuous flow of renewal; the life-cycles of death and rebirth
2-Bodhi Yoga’s monthly newsletter 

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Winter 2014-15

November 1st-6th:

“Full Moon of Creature Comforts”

November begins with Full Moon on our heels.

A perfect time to put your house in order, to cozy-up, to prepare to settle in for winter.  This full-moon is all about emotional exaltation, so you have a big opportunity to learn something new about your self-value.  GET A MASSAGE, cook a comforting meal, cozy up with a good book, or even better a big-loving-bear.  The more bear hugs between now an November 6th THE BETTER!  Give ’em, get ’em, as many as you can.  It’s a LOVELY time of nurturing emotional stability.

Fortnight Forecast:

During this 2-week period, you are in your Dharma when you are:

steady, dependable, loyal, patient, sentimental and loving

During this 2-week period, you are in your Karma when you are:

lethargic, self-indulgent, possessive, stubborn, overly materialistic

Fortnight Chakra Focus:
I Embrace my Emotional Nature

Take some time and DIVE deep into your Sacral Chakra Cards.  Start with “Your Emotional Nature” Chakra card, pull out all the sacred in all the other chakra cards and spend November 2014 in nurturing self and others.

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October 6th-22nd:

“My Movement Speaks for Itself”

As the moon slips back into newness, the second half of this month is for taking the grounding and value in nurturing yourself and integrating the higher lessons you’ve learned along the way.

November’s New Moon will allow you to shed all that is non-essential and get down to the bare truth of your Essence.

One of the best ways I know to do this is through your Natal Chart Reading.  If it feels right to you, give me a call or schedule online to have this wonderful map of your life-path.

Fortnight Forecast:

During this 2-week period, you are in your Dharma when you are:

optimistic, open-minded, honest, philosophical and a wee bit clairvoyant

During this 2-week period, you are in your Karma when you are:

zealous, impatient, egotistical, argumentative, emotionally spacey

Fortnight Chakra Focus:
“My Emotions Guide My Vision”

Review your Sacral Chakra in the Third Eye and see where you are able to attune with you feelings, learn the higher truth of what they are teaching you and see the big picture. 

Simply put, take care with letting your emotions dive too deep.  .

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Did you know that the words Month and Moon mean exactly the same thing? Follow the yin cycles of the moon with me every month, with great tips for feeling good…Our lives are filled with so much “YANG”, these days. So this is monthly message is my small effort to offering that little bit of sacred “YIN”, that seems to go a long way in creating more balance and abundance in life. I hope you too, find here, a renewal of awareness to tackle life’s tides that at times that tend to topple your inner yogi.”