advance your teaching with private restorative partner yoga sessions & guided partner yoga workshops

Advanced Ayruvedic Marma Points, 10-Sense Nadi Line alignment
with 52 partner yoga hands-on adjustments for enrollees
and past graduates of Bodhi Yoga’s 200-Hour Yoga teacher training.
In-depth-unique yoga hands-on adjusting skill for
both group and private yoga classes,
& teaching workshops to groups

As soon as your tuition is paid, you receive your Restorative Partner Yoga
manual and set up your username-password to the online streaming classes that
will prepare you for our in-person time and support you in
remembering what we learn for years to come!

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Syl’s practical knowledge is fabulous–she is masterful with the hands-on yoga techniques…I love the mirroring principle of doing a yoga pose with your partner, that helped me gain energy from the practice, rather than draining me. Excellent!

Marla Berkow, Yoga Therapist - Naperville, Illinois

Make growing your profitability as a yoga teacher simple and inspiring

Begin now, practicing online and be ready
for our next group (limited to between 5-9 students).

 Restorative Partner Yoga
& Advances Partner Hands-on Adjustments Curriculum
(also included in your in-person enrollment)

This work is beyond transformative!  It was worth the journey to Utah, to Bodhi Yoga, to learn such creative ways I can honor my own body as a yogi, as a massage therapist, and on behalf of the clients I serve, who are loving this work.  My time here will serve me in my practice for the rest of my life!

Constance Evans Condie - Gainsville, Texas

A few things that distinguish this Bodhi Restorative Partner Yoga training from the rest

View an excerpt from the online portion of this certification offering hours of technique, philosophy, marma, 10-sense-line, yoga asana anatomy and restorative partner yoga hands-on-adjusment sequencing, to help you prepare for and retain what you learn in this Restorative Partner Yoga Certification:

Click on the + to toggle through more details about this exceptional 200-Hour Partner Yoga opportunity, including a substantial discount to students who have already completed your Bodhi Yoga™ 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification:

52 advanced adjustments-yoga class & private sessions

In addition to your yoga teaching, you will learn over 75 Restorative Partner Yoga Adjustments; including a wide variety of Ayurvedic-Dosha and 10-Sense Nadis (energy) line Savasana therapies.

Massage Therapists: marma-point & energy line techniques

If you are a Bodhi Yoga Teacher and also an LMT, add to your massage therapy skill, with the ability to offer a new and exciting repertoire of therapeutic marma point, 10-Sense energy line, ayurveda and chakra alignment techniques to your existing massage therapy clientele.

A unique addition to your bodywork training.  Giving Restorative Partner Yoga will help you learn to care and preserve your own body’s ability to practice massage for years, without getting physically burned out.

Extend the life-span of your life’s work with this important training.

One of a kind Certification for working with groups

Teaching yoga classes can be a great way to make a living.  Gaining the qualification to work with workshop groups, increases your ability as a teacher to make teaching yoga a more viable profession.

Bodhi Yoga’s Restorative Partner Yoga practice, will set you apart from the crowd of yoga teachers.  You’ll learn to teach guided partner yoga classes, teach regular yoga students how to get deeper in their postures in class, and have a full repertoire of expanded hands-on-adjusemnt yoga skill to help you more competently recommend students for home-study.  A perfect opportunity learn how to plan and execute workshops, and increase your exposure as a teacher.

Included in your enrollment and application

Your manual includes full color pages that cover:

Three Branches of Restorative Partner Yoga

Art & Benefit of Mirroring Yoga Asana

“Synergy Healing” power in the yoga poses

10-phases of a Private Restorative Partner Yoga Class Session

Anatomy of a Yoga Postures for RPY

Marma Point and 10-Sense Energy Lines in Yoga poses

Leading Restorative Partner Yoga workshops

Templates for private restorative partner yoga sessions & workshops

Enrollment tuition & early bird savings

Enroll early with your full tuiton and save $200. off the regular 2,450. tuition:


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all tuitions non-refundable; however, you may transfer them to other Bodhi Yoga certifications only.

Bodhi Yoga taught me so well to preform Restorative Partner Yoga to the world ahead, and gave me so much support and love in all these years of practicing after certification.  I did the most right thing, I chose Syl for teaching me.  I look for the day when I again cross the ocean to Bodhi in person. Take care, Syl, and be Blessed always, Doctor-Teacher

Simona Strelec, Maribor, Slovenia

Restorative Partner Yoga (RPY) Certification 2020 Session

3-Three-Day Weekends
Last two weekends in
May and 1st weekend
June 2021 

Thursday-Saturday 8:30am-5pm
Dates to be determined by enrollees 


Thursday-Saturday Daily Schedule:
10:30-12:30 RPY Sequencing & practice
12:45-2pm lunch
2-5pm RPY Sequencing & practice

Restorative Partner Yoga (RPY) Certification Sessions

Dates are set by our group for this 3 weekend training.  If you are interested in participating in the next session this Spring 2021, enroll soon, as there are only 5 spaces available in this session!

Weekend One: MAY 20-22
Marma Point RPY Session
Learning RPY Techniques,
advanced Ayruvedic wisdom
and Hands-on Adjustments
–marmas are secondary charkas
throughout the body.
(for offering 1-hour Ayurvedic Marma Point private session)

Weekend Two: MAY 27-29
Energy Line RPY Session
10-Sense Nadi Energy Line
Yoga Techniques, for working
with the subtle flow of healing
that forms a web connecting the
marmas (for offering 1-hour private session)

Weekend Three: JUNE 3-5
Teaching  Guided Partner Workshops, Using RPY to help students deepen and achieve yoga poses they could not otherwise do well & Extended RPY Sessions and advanced Hands-on adjustments
(90-min Restorative Partner Yoga Session)
Learn to design & teach RPY workshops

“Satcitānanda”, the Sanskrit word for “The Knowing Awareness of BLISS”; a means knowing what a good thing is, while you have it.  Your student-clients will awaken to what a gift practicing yoga with YOU is.  They will ‘get-it’, feel-it and create a life-long relationship of feeling good, through this Restorative Partner Yoga gift you offer!

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder

Exclusively for Enrollees and Graduates of the Bodhi Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program

By enrolling with your full tuition, Syl will contact you by email with in 72-hours to let you know your manual is on the way, so you can get a jump on our training!  Enrolling in this advanced Bodhi Yoga Certification extends your YTT Requirement Completion by an additional 2-years, deepens your own yoga abilities and evolves your hands-on adjusting and teaching exponentially!

Enroll soon! This event fills-up 3-4months in advance:

Tuition: $2,750.00
Special Early-bird Enrollment for any who join before March 30th!

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If you would like skip the enrollment discount and just reserve your space and pay your tuition balance of $1,950.00 (15-days prior to training), you can choose the deposit-space reserve option:

Enrollment Deposit: $500.00

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(for non-Bodhi Yoga program graduates, the place to begin is our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training:  Click HERE)

I can’t even begin to write how wonderful an experience i’ve had at the Bodhi Yoga Center! I HIGHLY recommend everything they have to offer! I completed the teacher training and I received so much more depth, insight, knowledge, guidance and love than I could have ever expected! Syl is amazing!!! If you are even considering taking this course, definitely do it, it’s worth much more than anything monetary!!!

Susie Jenson, Salt Lake City Utah

Join a group of comprehensive Bodhi Yoga™ teachers – participating from around the globe

Students are currently enrolled in this program long-distance from
Solvenia, Canada, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Colorado and California.
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