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Bodhi Yoga Studio Etiquette During Covid-19

Many members of our yoga center have come from far and wide, and many who live close, have been waiting all week just for the experience of practicing in this sacred space.  Regardless of what has brought us together for our own practices at Bodhi Yoga, we approach our space with an evolved sense of community.

Here are a few simple guidelines that we all agree to follow during this rare season we call Covid-19:

1-You must be symptom-FREE to enter the Bodhi Space—all members of your household (Bodhi Yoga members or not) MUST be symptom-free.

3-Masks-on to enter and leave class. I have COMFORTABLE medical-grade masks for any Bodhi Yoga members who cannot otherwise purchase their own, who need them. As we practice, you are welcome to remove your mask, or keep it on , as (throughout the Summer 2020) I will leave doors ajar-open to keep fresh air moving through the room, for that BEAUTIFUL BODHI cross-breeze!

?? In ADDITION ??: I am currently looking at several different kinds of MEDICAL GRADE furnace-air conditioning filters, which help maintain not only clean-clear air (especially in winter months) but also clean surfaces.

4-I will provide sterilized hand-towels for laying over bolsters in your twists and folding forward over bolsters.

5-I ask that Hand sanitizer be used just after you walk in the door (before you remove your mask, which will also help keep your mask clean and face clear).

6-Mats 6ft apart until further advised (you may not know it, but because I am immune-suppressed and cancer recovery, the Bodhi Yoga Mats have ALWAYS been high-end mats, which are ANTI-Microbial; nonetheless, I will continue to provide sanitizing wipes, as always).

7-Wiping down bathroom and hall doors when you use the restroom. I will provide sanitizing wipes to do this as you go in and out.

8-Before or after class, I ask a couple of things: First—Please maintain 6ft distance while waiting to use restroom and Second—before-after class visiting is fine-LOVELY, but I ask that it take place after you are outside and down the stairs. I will be happy to follow any who want to visit down (in lieu of HUGS after class, for as long as needed)

Basically I will do ALL I can to keep our room a SANCTUARY for those of us who are already fairly self-isolated and symptom-free.

    As of January 1st, 2013 the Bodhi Yoga Center is a CELL PHONE FREE ZONE.

    No phones should enter the premises.  Please make sure to leave your phone either at home or in your car, to keep our space sacred for everyone attending.

    In doing so, we honor a much needed break from the busyness of our technological lifestyle, and embrace the wonderful, timeless energy of a great yoga practice and personal sanctuary.

    Let’s keep the good vibes streaming from the happy chi and bodhi community, rising naturally when we practice together.

    It’s good yoga manners to pay tuition prior to beginning class, unless you have a pre-arranged payment agreement with Bodhi Yoga.  If you need to pay by credit card, you will need to pay on-line ahead of time, and bring your email receipt with you to class. There are several payment options for attending classes at Bodhi Yoga, from drop-in rates, to punch passes, to our one of a kind unlimited class memberships-which include unlimited online yoga classes, Ayurvedic cooking and yoga workshops at goyogaonline.com.  Enroll in weekly classes HERE

    At Bodhi Yoga we do our best to make classes available to anyone.  If you have hardship circumstances, and would like to practice, let us know and well do our best to accommodate a worthy exchange, so you will feel at home here.
    Please follow general personal hygiene, and rinse off before attending class, so everyone else in the room can breathe sweet and deep.

    Lets take the time during our practice to work up a brand new sweat, and enjoy our healing experiences to their fullest.

    Bodhi Yoga provides high-end mats for you to practice on; please come with clean feet.  There are also sanitizing mat wipes provided for you to start fresh, each class, should you come straight from your mountain hike.

    Please come early enough to wipe down your mat prior to beginning your practice with us.

    When practicing yoga, we breathe deep and clear, so it’s just plain good manners to join our yoga community with fresh breath (particularly if you are in the process of kicking your smoking habit). Let us support you on a worthy journey!

    Bodhi Yogis tend to go much deeper in their postures, once we let out a good old fashioned “SIGHHHH” (usually followed by a laugh or two).  It’s a great way to let that healthy prana flow.  The honesty of our pose reveals itself, when we give ourself permission to join in on this favorite hallmark of the Bodhi Yoga style.

    There are usually mints provided behind the plant on the counter, that sits just inside the front door for shoes and such, if you arrive in need of freshening.
    It’s always best to arrive to class 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Take this time to fill out our waiver, let the teacher know of any limitations your are experiencing, and settle in to your favorite spot on the floor.

    If you must come to Bodhi Yoga class late, please enter quietly, feel free to join in on the OMMM-ing, and do your yogi-best not to disrupt the blossoming nirvana in the room.  If you need to leave early, you should ALWAYS leave prior to the beginning of Savasana (final relaxation).

    It is best to save your general, personal questions for the instructor until after the class, as he or she may be gathering thoughts for the practice, as well as connecting with the energy of the group.

    Often people find yoga, when the stakes are high in life.

    Bodhi Yoga creates opportunities for connecting with our healing and potential on a deep level.

    We may not realize what is going on with the person on the next mat; so lets please be respectful of the nature of the compassionate courtesy in our practice community .

    Following these simple guidelines will allow our group energy to be supportive, rather than distracting, so enjoy!

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