Welcome to the Bodhi Yoga™ Way

Bodhi Yoga™ is Utah’s only yoga center dedicated to certifying and supporting yoga teachers, life coaches, and healers.  Our enrollees are not only local to Utah, but make their way to the Bodhi Yoga Center from around the world.

We offer a full curriculum of online classes and special events throughout the year open to the public as well, which you won’t want to miss.  So make sure to join the newsletter and stay up to date on upcoming workshops and special public Bodhi Yoga™ events!

We like to keep things simple at Bodhi Yoga™ and let you enjoy your practice, in person or online. Everything we offer is guidance to help you experience an awakened yoga practice. We believe that some yoga every day is as important as a traditional deep yoga practice once or twice a week. New content is added to our online classes regularly. Our Bodhi Yogis who come to the Yoga Center for classes are encouraged to let us know where they want to focus so we can accommodate them.  

Our intention is to offer affordable yoga classes and support to as many people as possible.  The classes you find here are a great value, both at the Yoga Center and online.  If you like what you find, please refer as many of your friends and family as you can to our global Bodhi Yoga™ community.  That’s how we gratefully support each others’ dharma.

(Dharma is the yoga word for living your essential life purpose.)

Introduction to Yoga Video

Yoga is a living practice. We help you develop a practice that evolves with you. We call it Bodhi Yoga™.