Bodhi Yoga™ at the Labyrinth Summer 2023

This sacred space is open to the public just a few times a year.  
This August and September are one of those wonderful windows for BodhiFusion™ Yoga Classes led by Founding Director Syl Carson.

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings 6-7:30 pm
and Saturday Morning 9-10:30 am:
August through September 2023

Everybody needs a little “Earthing” and “Forest Bathing” every week.

Earthing is a practice of getting your bare feet in the ground, where you absorb healing energy, and natural antioxidants, as the body’s inflammatory responses 
and unconscious stress habits begin to melt away.

With the old-growth trees in this one-of-a-kind space, you will receive all the
benefits of forest bathing on body, mind, and soul.

Research into the practice of Earthing and Forest Bathing suggests that real and long-term benefits include reduced stress, improved immunity, relief from chronic emotional default loops and repetitive mental habits, lower blood pressure and accelerated recovery from illness or trauma, as you naturally stimulate a more healthy polyvagal response
that will last well beyond our lovely class time.

These classes are a fusion of all the best of Bodhi Yoga™ with a blend of gentle yet oh-so-progressive BodhiFlow Vinyasa, Asana & BodhiYin Yoga Restorative that each take you into layers of a deeply moving Yoga Nidra healing (Syl style).  Learn more about Bodhi Yoga™ Founding Director, Syl Carson by CLICKING HERE.

The Bodhi Yoga Class instruction lasts around 50 minutes with up to 40 minutes beyond our actual yoga practice for your Savasana, followed by personal meditation, and time to walk the labyrinth after yoga has opened and aligned your body, mind, and soul.   There is something wonderful about ending a deep yoga practice with a Savasana that lasts as long as you personally need it to and then to come out of it and enjoy the freedom to walk or sit in meditation.  This open-ended approach to final relaxation that allows your practice to nurture you in a truly unique way is a rare treat for your body, mind, and spirit.

Tuesday/Thursday evenings will focus on a blend of BodhiFlow, BodhiYin Restorative, and Living Movement, while Saturday morning’s class will focus on full body chakra alignment with a morning BodhiFusion™ class which is focused primarily on the BodhiSpin™ energy balancing yoga practices.

There are plenty of private meditation spaces, generations old extra large tree stumps several feet wide for seated meditation or breath practice, as well as treehouse meditation perch, walking pathways, the meditation corner tucked back behind the 80-foot blue spruce with honeycomb onyx gemstone boulders to sit on, and the “yoga berm” that Syl built into the lawn, which is wonderful for laying over in backbends and helping you in splits, inversions and all sorts of other yoga poses.

 The tilt of the berm supports a really beautiful seated criss-cross position that takes the stress out of your hips and back while you’re grounded and centered on the earth! 

Blending this Labyrinth walking meditation with the inspired Bodhi Yoga™ practice is a life-changing experience!

Syl designed both the Bodhi Yoga Center in CottonTree Square and this Labyrinth space using Vastu, the yogic art of sacred dwelling.  To learn more about all that has gone into this space CLICK HERE.

Syl tends this lovely space with great care, with only organic gardening materials and no lawn treatments.  Weeding and pruning is done by hand with attention supporting the habitat of the wildlife, butterflies, etc. who also share this space.

She is looking forward to sharing the beautiful practice we call “Bodhi” in this totally private and ethereally beautiful setting with you during this special event.  

You won’t want to miss the outdoor Labyrinth opportunity!

What do these Bodhi Yoga™ at
The Labyrinth cost?

As of August 1st, 2023, Bodhi Yoga is becoming Utah’s first exclusively donation-based yoga studio that allows you to pay for weekly yoga classes in a way that fits your personal circumstances.

You can reserve your spot by emailing  Syl will send you a quick pre-registration form with her private address for the Labyrinth space where classes are held (on the East benches of Provo, near Provo Canyon) then you simply Venmo prior to class.

For guidance on how Bodhi Yoga’s donation based weekly and monthly classes work CLICK HERE to learn more.

Bodhi Yoga™ at The Labyrinth Location and Details

You will want to grab a friend and plan to attend these wonderful classes!

These classes are available to anyone 16 years, or older, who is symptom-free and in general good health:

Layers of yoga clothing are recommended.

Bring your own lawn blanket (Mexican blankets are best), as well as a water bottle.

Classes are held at Bodhi Yoga™ Founding Director Syl Carson’s private home, in her backyard.  If all the parking spaces in front of Syl’s home are taken, please park in the Canyon Crest Elementary parking lot and walk around the corner to the Labyrinth space.

Once you email for more info, you’ll be sent a registration form and location with Syl’s address in East Provo.

It will be a wonderful August and September here!