How Four Tiered Donation-based Bodhi Yoga™ Works:

Beginning August 1st 2023, Bodhi Yoga™ weekly classes are open to the public.  In celebration of 25 years of sharing this wonderful practice, we are yet again evolving and awakening to what yoga can be in the Utah Valley community by moving to a donation based/pay-what-you-can yoga studio, for our public weekly classes led by Bodhi Yoga Founding Director Syl Carson!  Here’s what is on her mind:

"Ultimately, we are each responsible for stewarding the energy we bring to our daily lives. Yoga helps us fine-tune that energy, as we gain experience and perspective and to learn about the flow of abundance. As we play with it, as we prove ourselves (to ourselves) through our own lives, we learn the power of trust. Ultimately we benefit most from that trust when we share what flow we have been blessed with with others. Sometimes that’s an exchange of goods and services, and sometimes it’s simply an exchange of kindness. That is my intention for sharing my Bodhi Yoga with you in this way. As always, it is a labor of love.”

What do we mean by “Donation”?

Every time I purchase anything I am donating to the well-being and lasting services and people of any business.

For me, I choose to shop at Harmon’s Grocery, not because it is the closest grocery store for me, but because they hire functional adults with special needs and every time I check out I know I am supporting these folks.

I also shop there because they offer a large portion of their produce with organic options.

By attending Bodhi Yoga™ classes, you are supporting the work I do in this world, and also my ability to keep it up and maintain the beauty you will find at both the Bodhi Yoga Studio in CottonTree Square and the Labyrinth space that allows me to hold special trainings and events.

It is also important to me that those who attend class have a payment scale that works with their budget and that the deeper purpose and feel behind those tiers of tuition options never make feel them feel like the exchange of energy (in the form of class tuition) is any more or less than anyone else attending.  

In truth, they can use our four-tiered donation options to honor and expand their own flow of energy in their life.  You will understand what I mean as you read more below:

How “Pay what you can/donation-based yoga” works:

First things, first, in order to practice at Bodhi Yoga, you must be symptom-free, and in good health to join in person.

The recommended donation is due anytime before you step on your mat for class (just simply note on your Venmo payment which class day and time you’re paying for).  Bodhi Yoga™ provides all mats and props, there is never an additional cost for mat rental, we just ask that you wipe it down with mat wipes (provided) when you finish class.

All levels of yoga experience and body shapes are welcome here. 

Donations requested are tied to helping you get into the flow.  Because it’s important to avoid guessing game stress when paying for classes, Syl gives guidance to help you figure out which option fits your current financial circumstance with a variety of options.  No mater which option you choose every student receives the same services and the very best of Bodhi Yoga™:

Pay-as-you-go cash/Venmo options:

$15 Donation:  I AM IN THE FLOWI don’t struggle to make ends meet each month. I’m naturally and perpetually in the flow of abundance and can meet my financial needs each month.

$10 Donation:  I Am On My WaySome weeks I might not be able to both come and pay, because something random has created finances that are a bit strapped.  Paying the discounted 10$ means I’m showing the universe I can use my yoga practice to remind me that I am empowered to get myself in a perpetual feel-good space.

$ 5 Donation: I am READY—I’m in a short-term pinch, or on a fixed income that would otherwise limit my ability to pay for basic needs. I need to get by with what I can this week, and I need some yoga to get my mind out of stress loop thinking and back in my abundance flow.

$ GOOD KARMA Yoga option: I AM OPENif you would otherwise not be able to pay rent or buy food and get your yoga practice, this is the time you need Yoga the most, to develop good intentional skills for reconnecting with the abundance that is trying to find you in your life:

Do your part by recognizing that you are always worthy of abundance and sustained security, by first coming to class AND then second, in lieu of class tuition post a link and share the Bodhi Love on social media—

— Like Bodhi Yoga’s Facebook page and post a link to with a kind referral on your own Facebook page.

—Follow gobodhiyoga Instagram page and post to your Instagram (or other social media you are on) with a link #gobodhiyoga

—Not on social media at all? Text two friends, sharing what you’ve loved about the Bodhi Yoga experience with Syl include a link to:

Whichever option is right for you, give it in gratitude, because Syl and all who have ever supported this beautiful Bodhi Yoga space are sharing wholeheartedly with you.

Monthly unlimited donation-based options, because I don’t want to think about paying every time I come:

(this would include 12 regular weekly classes each month, as well as the two summer outdoor session classes weekly during August and September at The Labyrinth)

$108. Monthly Mala DharmaI don’t struggle to make ends meet each month. I’m naturally in the flow of ample abundance and realize that my contribution to Syl Carson’s well-being and the perpetual well-being of the Bodhi Yoga space will help to assure that this wonderful space and wonderful classes will perpetually thrive for both myself and others.  People paying the monthly option here would otherwise be paying $15 drop-in per class, times five classes weekly that would add up to a total of $240.

$85. I Am On My Waysome weeks I might not be able to both come and pay, because something random has created finances that are a bit strapped.  Paying the discounted 85$ for unlimited monthly classes means I’m showing the universe that I’ll be back on track soon, using my yoga practice to remind me that I am empowered to get myself in a more substantial feel-good space.  People paying $10 drop-in class, five times weekly would other wising be paying $200 monthly.

$50. I Am ReadyI’m in a short-term pinch. I need to get by with what I can this month, and I need some yoga to get me back in my abundance flow for good.   People paying $5 per drop-in would otherwise be paying $100. monthly.

Read more about Syl Carson, the founding Director of Utah County’s very first yoga studio, by clicking here.

Also, under the “Meditations” drop-down menu take a look a joining in on her several in-person and online events open to larger public groups each year!  You can also check out the “Certifications” drop-down menu to learn more about becoming Bodhi Yoga™ Certified, qualifying you to teach what you learn in these life-changing 8-week Bodhi Yoga Series™ (also available by zoom).

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND:  Syl and many of the students who practice in person at Bodhi Yoga are immunocompromised.  You must be in perfect health to join in person, as taking extra care to take of each other is the Bodhi Yoga™ way.  If you are not fully symptom-free, you can always join our weekly classes again soon.