Online Yoga Classes

Like being with us in person, just real Bodhi Yoga™ weekly classes
available anytime from your smart television or phone, iPad or tablet.

Yoga Quick Fix 6-28 minutes

Online Yoga Classes perfect for introducing you to Bodhi Yoga™
Whether you are a beginning or advanced student of yoga, these classes will
awaken your practice at home or on the go, in under 30-minutes!
Simply log-in with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

THE SIMPLE POWER OF YOGA-an Invitation:  glimpse how yoga can change your life; benefits and approach. 6-min

BEGINNERS YOGA BREATHING: Anatomy of yoga breathing.  Three-part-breath (Dirga Swasam), and Ujjayi. 24-min

 BEGINNERS SEATED POSES: Learn how to make sitting on the floor easier for you, relieving hip tightness. 14-min

CHILD TO DOWN-DOG POSE: Explore yoga transitions between child pose and downward-facing dog. 8-min

MOVING THROUGH STANDING POSES: Standing poses, without compromising alignment, powering your poses. 14-min

BALANCING POSES: Move in a variety of yoga balancing poses, using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression.  10-min

BEGINNING BACK BENDING: Open up your core-body, changing the way you age, using a variety of poses. 22-min

MANTRA MEDITATION: Give yourself a  daily meditation moment, to embrace being you. 9-min

BODHIFLOW INTRO-TIER 1: Move with the length of your breath as you scroll deeper with our evolutionary flow. 11-min

BODHIFLOW TIER 1-2: Flexibility in the Flow. Tiers I & II brings a more flexible flow to your life. 8-min.

BODHIFLOW TIER 1-3Build strength and stamina. Move with the length of your  breath as you build strength.  11-min

BODHIFLOW TIER 1-4:  Rolling in the Flow.  Roll out tension, rebalance your breathing and begin to flow again. 11-min

Yoga Focus in less than 1-hour: Seasonally Rotating Mind Body Balance

Online Yoga Classes that you will crave doing everyday.
Our Yoga Focus classes will awaken your love of making yoga part of your
daily routine, at home or on the go, in under 1-hour!

Springtime Yoga Focus:

BODHIFLOW-SPRING-SUMMER DETOX: One round followed by Balancing-Camel-Twists. Clear seasonal allergies 54-min

BODHISPIN SPRING-SUMMER CHAKRA YOGA: Perfect gentle chakra clearing; a workout for honoring  season’s shift. 45-min

BODHIYIN SPRING-SUMMER YOGA AND ACUPRESSURE:  Acupressure points to clear Kapha and rejuvenate. 47-min

BODHIFusion for DEPRESSION & ANXIETY:  Yin & Chakra Spin yoga, perfect practice for shifting seasons, body & mind. 59-min

Autumn-Winter Yoga Focus:

BODHIFLOW-AUTUNM EVE UNWINDING: Teirs 1-4, seated Boat, supported inversion, twisting relaxation. 30-min

BODHISPIN CHAKRA YOGA: Connecting chakras and intention through yoga.  Feel more happy & positive. 35-min

BODHIYIN RESTORATIVE LYMPHATICS:  to stimulate lymph flow, while practicing deep, healing, rest. 40-min

Yoga Practice 60 + minutes: In-depth Rotating Rhythm

Online Yoga Classes that take you deep into traditional yoga practice.
Full-length yoga classes to inspire and develop stamina in your Body, Mind & Soul,
You’ll feel right at home, as you take your time; 60-80 minute’s worth!

BODHIFLOW AUTUMN MORNING: 3-rounds of tier 1-4 followed by asanas that honor surrender. 60-min

BODHIYIN RESTORATIVE WINTER YOGA NIDRA:   Winter class focus on Yoga Nidra, for a deep rest. 1 hour 14-min

BODHISPIN VIGOR-INTENSE CHAKRA YOGA: Work up sweat and motivation to activate your New Year’s intentions. 78min

Adaptive Yoga Therapies

Online Adaptive Yoga Therapy classes and workshops for individuals and their care-givers.  Offering profound support within the yogic perspective when dealing with adversity.  Simply log-in with your computer, smartphone or tablet and allow healing to begin.

Yoga for Depression

Yoga for Depression & Anxiety Stress is a deep conversation to help you, or a loved-one
find greater emotional balance through Bodhi Yoga™ philosophies and practice.

YOGA FOR DEPRESSION & STRESS PART 1: The Prakruti & Vikruti of emotional health and well-being. 25-min

YOGA FOR DEPRESSION & STRESS PART 2: The Healing Process to find lasting emotional peace.  40-min

YOGA FOR DEPRESSION PRACTICE: Yoga for easing symptoms of depression and anxiety. 58-min.

Yoga for Cancer

In-depth discussion, yoga, breathing and meditation classes,
for facing the adversity our culture calls cancer,
with Bodhi Yoga™ founder Syl Carson.

Syl faced, was treated for and found healing during an invasive breast cancer diagnosis.
She shares this online offering, with a heartfelt desire to support others facing this intimate journey:

POWER OF ADVERSITY: Glimpse into the hidden potential of hard times. Syl’s journey with invasive breast cancer. 3-min

FACING DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT:  Syl shares her journey of facing the adversity our culture calls cancer. 50-min

YOGA PRACTICE FOR CANCER: Gentle practice, breathing, stretching and meditation in-treatment. 50 min

SETTING SAFE BOUNDARIES IN ADVERSITY: Creating a buffer-zone, where you can focus your energy on healing. 30-min

The following 8 Classes have been filmed and are loading up between now and January 2015

YOGA BREATHING FOR CANCER: Cancer cells struggle in oxygenated tissues, with daily breathing. 30-min.

YOGA FOR CONSTIPATION: Gentle poses, ease constipation, nausea and digestive distress during chemo. 30-min

YOGA FOR INSOMNIA: Tips for caregivers and patients experiencing insomnia during chemo. 30-min.

YOGA FOR BONE PAIN: Gentle stretches and helpful techniques for bone pain during chemo. 30-min

CAREGIVER PARTNER YOGA: Gently soothing partner yoga to ease symptoms & anxiety, during chemo 30-min.

RADIATION TIGHTNESS & LIVING MOVEMENT:  Gentle stretching & sound therapies to ease radiation tightness. 30-min

THE HIDDEN GIFTS IN CANCER: Deep discussion the life-changing conversations in adversity. 30-min.

DAILY MEDITATION FOR HEALING:  Daily meditation and deep discussion for cancer & beyond. 30-min

Yoga Workshops

Online yoga philosophy workshops and practices, bringing you greater connection, everyday enjoyment and personal empowerment.  Simply log-in with your computer, smartphone or tablet and awaken your practice, awaken your life!

7 Chakras Mind & Body Basics

Learn the basic yoga philosophy of your 7 Chakras Mind & Body™

 7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-INTRODUCTION:  YOUR energetic finger-print, Root Chakra to Crown Chakra. 37-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-  1 ROOT CENTER: Create a more healthy, prosperous, grounded physical life. 17-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-2-SACRAL CENTER: Nurture  relationships-sexuality and have more fun with life. 22-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-3-SOLAR CENTER:  Harness your personal empowerment, step-up and into your potential. 17-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 4-Heart Center Discover how to heal and balance love and relationships. 29-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 5-Throat Center Live more honestly as you awaken your vibrational integrity. 28-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 6-Third Eye Center Release your illusions, develop and trust your sense of timing and intuition.

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 7-Crown Center Open up and  allow blessings beyond measure flow into your life. 20-min

Enroll in 7 Chakras Mind and Body™ full-program (including 44 Chakra Therapy Classes and 300-page manual) by clicking HERE

Introduction to Ayurveda

Learn about your biological temperament, when it comes to body-shape, diet and nutrition,
as well as mental and emotional well-being. Understanding your dosha, and that of loved-ones, awakens your ability to enjoy a more healthy life and personalized yoga approach
using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

AYURVEDA-an Introduction: Learn the three ways Mother Nature manifest through you into your life. 15-min

AYURVEDA-an Introduction: Recognize your physical, mental, spiritual temperament-called your “dosha”. 25-min

Seasons of Your Yoga Practice

Learn how to approach your yoga in a way that honors the energy
of the season of the year, cycles of the moon and stages of life.

SEASONS OF YOUR PRACTICE-Autumn/Winter Part 1:  Discussion on honoring the Winter rhythms of your life. Intro Yoga Nidra.  37-min

SEASONS OF YOUR PRACTICE-Spring/Summer Part 1:  Discussion on honoring the spring rhythms and cleansing mind & body.  37-min Coming in March 2014

INTRO TO ASTROLOGY Part 1: FREE PEEK  Discussion demystifying astrology in a way that is both delightful and inspiring.

Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn how to recognize the right food for your dosha with these great recipes
that honor the seasons.  Discover the yoga of Good Taste for body and mind

In Good Taste: Perpetually Rotating Ayurvedic Video Blog

DAILY JUICING:  Sweet veggie juice includes the beneficial nutrients to motivate you to juice daily. 13-min

ORGANIC HUMMUS: Use as a dip, in sandwich wraps and more with an Ayurvedic approach. 10-min

MAKING GHEE: Learn the ancient art of making Ghee, to use as a healthy oil with a buttery flavor. 25-min

IMMUNE-BOOST ORGANIC WASSAIL: A perfect way to sooth your immune system into a healthy transition within the season’s change. 26-min

MISO SHIITAKE SOUP: An excellent soup for detoxing or rebuilding your immune system, that tastes rich and amazing. Available December through February. 25-min

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP:Autumn-Winter soups are hearty, to increase our need for Kapha and balance Autumn-Winter. Available August through February. 30-min

SWEET AND SPICEY CHILI: A delicious vegan chili that will not aggravate your Vata (no gas). Use this recipe for a lovely dinner or in wraps for a health lunch. VIEW NOW

CITRUS CILANTRO GUACAMOLE: A flavorful dip, salad dressing, or spread for your wraps, this will become a fast and healthy favorite. Syl shares the Ayurvedic aspect of this wonderful food. Coming Soon! 10-min

Enjoy these healthy, tasty classes during this holiday season!

ORGANIC HOLIDAY DRESSING:with out the animal fats. Learn the nutritional dharma of herbs and spices. AVAILABLE each November-January 5th. 16-min

HEALING HOLIDAY MASHED POTATOES: Learn to make tasty mashed potatoes with an Ayurvedic flare and honoring your digestion’s dharma. AVAILABLE each November-January 5th. 7-min

Enjoy these Spring-Summer recipes through August 2016!

SPRING-SUMMER SMOOTHIE: A natural way to move into healthy eating, while satisfying the sweet-tooth. 10-min

ORGANIC SUMMER COLLARD WRAP: A healthy lunch or afternoon snack on a hot day that includes healthy ingredients that reduce summer inflammation. Our Pesto is perfect in our Summer Wraps.

SPRING-SUMMER ARTICHOKES: Your Basil Vegan Pesto will be the perfect compliment to this mediterranean take on fresh, in-season artichokes. 6-min

ORGANIC VEGAN PESTO: Spring is about to bloom, and Pesto is a great way to support the shift and changes in the barometric pressure, that can lead to sickness and inflammation. Our Pesto is perfect in wraps, on pasta. Coming Soon!

Three comprehensive Yoga & Energy Healing Certifications: Click arrows and explore

    Over 64 students have already enrolled in this comprehensive yoga teacher training. Join anytime by enrolling at today!

    certification-ytt-11Would you like to be qualified to teach Bodhi Yoga classes?  We offer one of the country’s most comprehensive yoga teacher certifications.

    You’ll learn to teach yoga classes, receive a beautiful foundation in yoga asana, pranayama breath-work, multiple yoga class styles, yoga therapies, meditation, energy healing, ayurveda yoga, hands-on adjusting from the Thai massage approach, as well as, Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression Asana™.  Get certified to while you enjoy a deep personal dive into the wisdom and philosophy of yoga with the comfort and feel of a personal yoga retreat.

    Should you ever want to join Syl in person for the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training, you are welcome to join in person for FREE, when you have enrolled in our online yoga certification program.

    “The Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training is such a unique opportunity. It is based on sound yoga philosophy, tradition and fresh perspectives in the practice, and offers an individual experience for growth…A true immersion that is set at a pace that is right for you. It has been the most profound and fulfilling work I have ever taken on!  An absolute privilege for me and huge benefit for my students.” – Rhonda Orm, Utah

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    certification-chakra-introOur Chakra Therapy Certification is the only comprehensive, and exceptionally applicable training of its kind.  Perfect for yoga teachers, massage therapists, energy-healers, traditional family therapists or simply an individual, like YOU, who is ready to learn full-spectrum chakra therapies that can be applied to any modality.

    Learn the origin of the Chakras that come from the tantric traditions of yoga, full-spectrum color therapy, aromatherapy, chakra yoga practice, and over 200 chakra alignments techniques.  Your Chakras and what they mean for you in your life, are as individual as your fingerprint, yet also hold universal application for living an awakened life, and making the most of your potential.  Enroll by Tier, or in the full certification, that includes your 300-page, full color, Chakra Therapist Manual, and complete your certification to teach and use your 7 Chakras Mind and Body™ Chakra Certification with your students and clients.

    This training is designed to be life changing, as you discover hidden wisdom in the chakra story, and real-life tools to align your chakras, as well as, your clients chakras to work together like never before.  Take your current Chakra understanding and expand it out exponentially, and you’ll have a small sense of the kind of impact that this training will make in your life and the lives of the clients who join your circle.

    “No one is teaching this important information, and I am so grateful to find here.  Learning this deep about the chakras will forever be a part of who I am and how I live from today on.  It was worth the jouney!” -Rio Ogawa, Japan

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    This training is available on DVD! Contact to enroll!

    certification-quantm-introYoga is the original “energy healing”.  Our QuanTM Holographic Energy Healer online training certifies you to offer private energy healing sessions to your clients.  If you are already certified in teaching yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ), Rapid Eye Therapy ( RET ), hypnotherapy or traditional cognitive therapy, this training will give you an incredible tool to use in your practice.

    QuanTM is a facilitated meditation in the yogic practice of “Yoga Nidra”.  Our training teaches you an efficacious protocol for relaxing the “thinking-mind” through guided relaxation, dialoging with the subconscious mind through finger signals, and facilitating the connections of between your client and the Essential aspect of their “True Self”. Emotional blocks, resistance, and dissociative distortions release away and future triggers to emotional distress melt away and reintegrate through the wisdom of the essential Self and the higher truths that set us all free. The QuanTM protocol makes the release and rebalance of mind, body, spirit stress melt away quicker than you can say:  “Namaste”

    “Enrolling in the Quan.TM training with Syl has been pure and simply life-changing for me. Once I learned to do it on my own it is free and always accessible to me.  Having the privilege of sharing that with others as a facilitator, has been priceless.  They arrive with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave glowing and empowered” – Nicole Siple, Greening Place Yoga & Meditation, Caldwell, Idaho

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FREE Online Yoga Classes

THE SIMPLE POWER OF YOGA -an Invitation: to glimpse how yoga can change your life, describing the benefits and approach. 6-min

FREE YOGA CLASS: Introduction to basic yoga poses for beginners using the Bodhi Yoga approach. 25-min

THE POWER OF ADVERSITY-Yoga for Cancer: Syl shares a glimpse into the hidden potential of hard times; speaking to her journey with invasive breast cancer. 3 min