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7 Chakras Mind & Body Basics

Learn the basic yoga philosophy of your 7 Chakras Mind & Body™

 7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-INTRODUCTION:  YOUR energetic finger-print, Root Chakra to Crown Chakra. 37-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-  1 ROOT CENTER: Create a more healthy, prosperous, grounded physical life. 17-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-2-SACRAL CENTER: Nurture  relationships-sexuality and have more fun with life. 22-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY-3-SOLAR CENTER:  Harness your personal empowerment, step-up and into your potential. 17-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 4-Heart Center Discover how to heal and balance love and relationships. 29-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 5-Throat Center Live more honestly as you awaken your vibrational integrity. 28-min

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 6-Third Eye Center Release your illusions, develop and trust your sense of timing and intuition.

7 CHAKRAS MIND BODY: 7-Crown Center Open up and  allow blessings beyond measure flow into your life. 20-min

Enroll in 7 Chakras Mind and Body™ full-program (including 44 Chakra Therapy Classes and 300-page manual) by clicking HERE

Introduction to Ayurveda

Learn about your biological temperament, when it comes to body-shape, diet and nutrition,
as well as mental and emotional well-being. Understanding your dosha, and that of loved-ones, awakens your ability to enjoy a more healthy life and personalized yoga approach
using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

AYURVEDA-an Introduction: Learn the three ways Mother Nature manifest through you into your life. 15-min

AYURVEDA-an Introduction: Recognize your physical, mental, spiritual temperament-called your “dosha”. 25-min

Seasons of Your Yoga Practice

Learn how to approach your yoga in a way that honors the energy
of the season of the year, cycles of the moon and stages of life.

SEASONS OF YOUR PRACTICE-Autumn/Winter Part 1:  Discussion on honoring the Winter rhythms of your life. Intro Yoga Nidra.  37-min

SEASONS OF YOUR PRACTICE-Spring/Summer Part 1:  Discussion on honoring the spring rhythms and cleansing mind & body.  37-min