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    Join in on four styles of Bodhi Yoga Classes held weekly in-person at the Bodhi Yoga.

    Choose your class, based on what your interest in the practice is, come to Bodhi Yoga a few minutes prior to the scheduled time and set your intention to feel amazing as you awaken your mind, spirit and BODHI!

    [section name="Workout:  BodhiFlow - the evolution of yoga vinyasa"]BodhiFlow Vinyasa

    Mornings: 10:15-11am every Monday and 8:30-10am every Wednesday & Friday

    Yoga vinyasa class (followed by Natural Progression™ Asana)  begins gently, and in no time you’ll begin to play with the bead of sweat that rolls up and down your forehead.[/section][section name="Renew:  BodhiYin Yoga Restorative - feel the power in the passive stretch"]

    BodhiYin Restorative
    8:30-10am every Monday & Thursday

    Hidden power in your passive stretch. A deeply restorative class using yoga bolsters, props and a variety of yoga breath techniques called pranayama. Arrive early, as this class is a Bodhi Yoga favorite.[/section]

    [section name="Energy Boost:  BodhiQuest - Natural Progression™ Asana Practice "]

    BodhiQuest: Natural Progression™ Asana Practice
    8:30-10am every Saturday 

    Asana class to both open tightness and strengthen; with different focus each class. A perfect class to learn more of the benefits of yoga poses. Get ready for some serious “ah-ha” moments, and advancing your poses. [/section]

    [section name="Healing:  BodhiMove - Yoga Nidra Living Movement™"]

    Bodhi Living Movement
    10:15-11am every Wednesday

    Your morning stretch, combined with meditative, conscious, moving Yoga Nidra.  Spending time dedicated to “snail’s pace” moves is incredibly healing; within primal stretching, sound & stillness.[/section][/toggle]Learn more & view our weekly class calendar here 

    Bodhi Yoga offers a spectrum of private healing sessions that range from Therapeutic Partner Yoga, Energy Healing, Traditional Thai massage and even your own private yoga certification:



    [toggle][section name="Quan.TM Holographic Energy Healing with Syl"]Quan.TM Holographic Energy Healing session are a fast and easy way to release both long and short-term emotional stress that can affect your body and mental well-being.[/section]

    [section name="Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with Jami Stillwell, LMT"]Traditional Thai Massage will relieve muscular soreness, stress and help you feel blissed out.[/section]
    [section name="Private yoga classes and certifications"]Private yoga classes and certifications for groups up to 3-people, give you the perfect personal yoga experience.[/section]

    [section name="Bodhi Yoga's Private Session Office Location"]All Bodhi Yoga Private Sessions are located adjacent north of the Bodhi Yoga Center in Suite 1B, in the upstairs annex of CottonTree Family Medical practice:  2230 N University Parkway Ste 1B in Provo Utah


    Learn more & schedule your private session HERE

    A special time to cozy up in our sacred space. Our Yoga workshops, as well as, personal and group retreats, are a perfect opportunity to learn more than weekly class study.   We love to honor the seasons in our yoga, share in some Guided Therapeutic Partner Yoga, heal with Yoga for Depression, Beginner’s workshops, Kid’s Yoga Camps and a variety of meditation classes.  See what’s on our schedule this season.

    [section name="Seasonal Workshops"]At Bodhi Yoga, we honor the seasons of your practice with special workshops that compliment the time of year.[/section]
    [section name="Free Bodhi Yoga Teacher Candidate workshops"]Bodhi Yoga teacher trainees, who are working toward certification offer special event “Good Karma” workshops that are free to you when you join our email list.  Join now for a free online yoga class and keep an eye out for the next opportunity from one of our great students![/section]
    [section name="Private Workshops"]Would you like to come visit from out of town and enjoy a private Bodhi Yoga workshop with Syl or one of our great staff.  Perfect for corporate groups, families and girl’s weekend away![/section]
    [section name="Bodhi Yoga Certifications"]Take your practice to the next level.  We offer four enlightened certifications to choose from, that are not only a wonderful training, but a profound personal immersion in the wisdom and practice of yoga.[/section]

    Take a look at the workshops up next at Bodhi Yoga HERE

    In addition to the Bodhi Yoga Center, located in CottonTree Square in Provo, UT, we are a global group of over 3500 yogis.  We have members from Utah, to Kentucky, to the UK, Slovenia, Singapore and beyond. Many of us live too far to practice in person, and have been asking for years, for long-distance opportunities to practice with our group.

    Online yoga classes bring Bodhi Yoga to YOU!  A full curriculum of BodhiYoga classes, workshops, Ayurvedic cooking, Adaptive Yoga Therapies and Certifications.  These are honest and intimate classes, no scripting or excessive staging, just a purely Bodhi Yoga experience from where ever you are.

    Even if you live close, and life is just too busy to get to our regularly scheduled classes, you can still participate at the level that fits your schedule!

    Learn more about our online classes and become a member of HERE

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