Bodhi Yoga™ Teacher Training Session 2

In Session Two you will learn the anatomy of yoga movements, 12 aspects of the body and mind that are benefited by doing yoga and what those specific benefits are, contexts of teaching yoga-styling your classes, techniques for teaching a BodhiFlow™ (Sattvic gentle to powerful workout vinyasa), BodhiSpin™ ( Rajas chakra alignment yoga)
and BodhiYin™ Yoga Restorative class (Tamasic healing stress).

Discover new ways to practice and teach traditional yoga.  This session will open your eyes to what is really possible for always keeping your teaching and personal practice fresh and engaging.

Let’s get things moving: Please prepare for this session by viewing Session 2 online classes, making notes to bring great questions and discussion to our in-person session.  If you have time, take a bit and pre-read pages 5-58 in Session Two in your manual, as well as reviewing pages 45-93, doing to the “Intro to BodhiFlow” classes 17-20 of this session and reviewing your Bodhi Yoga™ Asana Template on page 154-156 in your manual, along with your Session 2 laminated Yoga Asana sheet.  Give yourself time, as you study each individual style of practice, making notes about how you might combine complimentary aspects into your own specialized personal practice and yoga classes.

Anatomy of Yoga Movement, The Twelve Physiologies of Yoga, Techniques for Teaching the BodhiFlow™ :

YTT Session 2 Example Classes: Ideas for teaching BodhiFlow Vinyasa and other Vinyasa Classes

BodhiFlow Vinyasa (and more intense power flow) yoga classes are great for helping Vata dosha move with both inspiration and creativity, as well as strengthen their chronically loose joints.  Vinyasa helps Pitta dosha get the heat and athletic motivation it needs to rebalance naturally.  Vinyasa flow classes that are gentle and slowly eased into help lift Kapha dosha out of lethargy or depression, break up congestion and open their wholehearted potential.   

2-07 BodhiFlow Autumn-Winter

An hour-long online yoga vinyasa class, to help you bring a centered reflection to your practice.  Feel…

Session 2 Yoga Teacher Training Follow-up:

Once you have completed Session Two of the Bodhi Yoga™ teacher training, you will need to complete your Session Two Follow-up and practice teaching feedback forms and place them in the back pocket of your manual, to submit with your certification packet.

Teaching Yoga Vinyasa:  Teach three people the Bodhi Flow™ Vinyasa Tiers I-VI.  You can modify it for those you teach by viewing Class 7 (TEACHING MODIFIED BODHIFLOW-ASANA) in Session Five.  You can also view “Techniques for Teaching the Bodhi Flow Tiers, Classes 2-17 through 2-20 at the bottom of Session 2 to refresh how to teach the four tiers of the BodhiFlow.

Read the Compendium Articles (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet):  “Something Borrowed” and “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” and Ganga White’s Response to “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body’. Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet.

Read Pages 5-32 (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet): “The Twelve Physiologies of Yoga” from this Session Two.

View both Ayurveda workshops online (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet):

View Session III Classes at:

Complete four blogposts: View Session 1 class 1-08 that shows you how to set up your blog.  If you would rather post to Facebook that is fine too, it just needs to link to  Review class 1-8 for understanding the criteria for your post to count toward certification.